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[edit] Current OSSL Functions Implemented

! Partial Update OpenSim DEV 0.9.1

! Partial Update OpenSim DEV 0.9.0 #2c8c25a0 August 15, 2017

! Partial Update December.10.2010 With commits of this date some functions have been corrected to use standard OSSL conventions. The previous functions are tagged as deprecated with their replacement shown. The deprecated functions will advise you with a message that they have been deprecated and to use the new os function name instead. Further updates are needed to complete the existing list of os functions.

Each of these functions may have threat level associated with it. See Threat level for more information and an overview of each function's level.

[edit] Avatars

[edit] NPCs

[edit] Prim

[edit] Prim Drawing / Dynamic Texture

[edit] Notecard

[edit] Sound

[edit] HTTP

[edit] Parcel

[edit] Terrain

[edit] Region Environment

[edit] Grid / Region Information

[edit] Administration

[edit] Script

[edit] String Manipulation

[edit] Misc

[edit] Deprecated

[edit] See Also

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