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string osSetPenCap(string drawList, string direction, string type)
*** This method works only on Windows for now. libgdi+ has a fake implementation and will not draw it. ***

Appends a PenCap drawing command to the string provided in drawList and returns the result. This sets the pen's start or/and end cap to either "diamond", "arrow", "round", or default "flat" shape. It can set them in the "end" or "start" of the line, or "both". Possible values are (case insensitive):


  • "arrow"
  • "diamond"
  • "round"
  • "flat"


  • "start"
  • "end"
  • "both"
Threat Level This function does not do a threat level check
Permissions Use of this function is always allowed by default
Extra Delay 0 seconds
// Example of osSetPenCap
        string CommandList = "";                              // Storage for our drawing commands
        integer i;
        CommandList = osSetPenSize( CommandList, 5 );         // Set the pen width to 5 pixels. With 1 pixel, arrow is very hard to see
        CommandList = osSetPenCap("start", "arrow");          // Sets the beggining of the line with an arrow
        CommandList = osMovePen(drawList,50,100);             // Moves pen to 50,100
        CommandList = osLineTo(drawList, 100,150);            // Draws line from 50,100 to 100,150
        osSetDynamicTextureData( "", "vector", CommandList, "", 0 );

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