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The LightShare module allows region owners to get and set Windlight settings for their specific regions using in-world scripts, and for those regions to send those settings down to all, or specific, LightShare-aware viewers who visit the LightShare configured regions. Lightshare is the OPENSIM term for SL's Windlight.

Enabling LightShare in OpenSimulator

LightShare core functionality is available within OpenSimulator 0.7 onwards.

The regionwindlight Database Table

A database table "regionwindlight" is used to store the settings.

OpenSim.ini Settings

LightShare is enabled by changing OpenSim.ini for the OpenSim.exe serving the regions you wish to use LightShare in:

  • setting enable_windlight = true in the [LightShare] section of OpenSim.ini
  • setting AllowLightShareFunctions = true in the [XEngine] section of OpenSim.ini

These changes affect all regions served by the specific OpenSim.exe which load this ini file.

Exmaple OpenSim.ini changes:

 ; This enables the transmission of Windlight scenes to supporting clients, such as the Meta7 viewer.
 ; It has no ill effect on viewers which do not support server-side windlight settings.
 ; Currently we only have support for MySQL databases.
enable_windlight = true


 ; Allow the user of LightShare functions
AllowLightShareFunctions = true

Note: You can use Lightshare/Windlight scripts in your Regions but permanently saving those Lightshare/Windlight settings is not supported while using Sqlite Databases. When you restart the Region the settings are gone.

LightShare-Enabled Viewers

Updated virtual world viewers are needed to receive Windlight settings sent by a region through LightShare.

You must also have an updated viewer in order for LightShare scripting functions (see below) to be properly compiled, and show correctly in the script editor.

Firestorm Viewer

Lightshare is supported and enabled by default in Firestorm.

To disabled it, open Preferences, select the Opensim tab, then the miscellaneous tab, and you will see the checkbox "Enable region Lightshare settings."

Firestorm supports the full range of both Lightshare and Region Windlight features as of version 4.4.0.

Website: [1]

Download: [2]

Imprudence Viewer

LightShare support is disabled by default in Imprudence.

To enable it, choose the "Edit" menu item, "Preferences" menu option, "Advanced" preferences tab.

Then, change the "Allow region Windlight settings (LightShare)" option.

Imprudence Viewer is available from:

More details of the options are at:

Tested with Imprudence 1.4.0 beta 2 (tested January 2013). As mentioned above you have to enable some settings for full Windlight / Lightshare effects.

You find screenshots and a brief description what those settings do via this link [3]

Meta7 Viewer

The Meta7 Viewer is compatible with LightShare regions. !!! It is unknown if Meta7 can work with the OpenSimulator ls* script functions detailed below. !!!

Additional Note January 2013: The META 7 pages are offline. There is also no Reference or cached pages on the Waybackmachine [4]


Singularity is a SL/Metaverse viewer, supporting many OpenSim-specific features, as well as Windlight/LightShare. It has full support for the OPENSIM Windlight script parameters. If you are into Windlight use this Viewer.



TeaPot Viewer

Armin Weatherwax Teapot Viewer also supports Windlight. BUT, it DOES NOT pick up the OPENSIM Windlight parameters from scripts.

You can edit Windlight settings in the viewer and save them to a notecard. You can give those Notecards to other user. The Notecards looks like a XML structure. You can also save windlight settings to your Harddisk and share those seetings e.g. by email or via a Website. The path for those windlight files on your Harddisk is YOURDRIVELETTER:\Program Files (x86)\Teapot\app_settings\windlight (on Windows)



Other V3 Viewers (Kokua Viewer, Phoenix Viewer)

Most V3 Viewers do not, as of May 2013, support Lightshare. BUT they do support WINDLIGHT (e.g Windlight settings in SL) and work like described in the Teapot Viewer section above.

Kokua Viewer (Download page here [5])

LightShare Scripting

The features can be used through three LightShare (ls) functions:

See also the DefaultLightShareScript to get a starter script.

See Inventory Archives for an explanation of how to add the contents of the IAR file to your inventory.

LightShare Issues

See Also

  • RestrainedLove API [6] @setenv and @getenv commands
  • Phoenix Viewer ParcelWL [7]


LightShare was initially created by Meta7.

The Meta7 LightShare feature documentation can be found here:

Default settings are shown being set in this Meta7 sample script:

Using this script on OpenSimulator requires manual changing the cmSetWindlightScene function name to lsSetWindlightScene

Additional Note January 2013: The META 7 pages are offline. There is also no Reference or cached pages on the Waybackmachine [8]

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