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string osSetPenSize(string drawList, integer penSize)
Appends a PenSize drawing command to the string provided in drawList and returns the result.

This sets the pen size to a square of penSize pixels by penSize pixels. If penSize is an odd number, the pen will be exactly centered on the coordinates provided in the various drawing commands; if it is an even number, it will be centered slightly higher and to the left of the actual coordinates.

Threat Level None
Permissions No permissions specified
Extra Delay No function delay specified
// Example of osSetPenSize
        string CommandList = ""; // Storage for our drawing commands
        integer i;
        CommandList = osSetPenColor( CommandList, "Red" );        // Set the pen color to red
        for (i = 1; i < 13; ++i)
            CommandList = osSetPenSize( CommandList, i );                 // Set the pen size
            CommandList = osDrawLine( CommandList, 15, i*20, 241, i*20 ); // Draw a horizontal line
        // Now draw the lines
        osSetDynamicTextureData( "", "vector", CommandList, "width:256,height:256", 0 );
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