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osSetWindParam(string plugin, string param, float value)
Sets value of param property for plugin module.

Available parameters:

plugin param description default OpenSim.inisetting
SimpleRandomWind strength wind strength 1.0f strength
ConfigurableWind avgStrength average wind strength in m/s 5.0f avg_strength
avgDirection average wind direction in degrees 0.0f avg_direction
varStrength allowable variance in wind strength in m/s 5.0f var_strength
varDirection allowable variance in wind direction in +/- degrees 30.0f var_direction
rateChange rate of change in seconds 1.0f rate_change
Threat Level VeryLow
Extra Delay 0 seconds
Sets all available parameters of current active wind plugin module:
// osSetWindParam() sample
// Touch this object to change the current wind parameters
// Run osGetWindParam() sample to check if these values are applied
float newStrength = 30.0;
float newAvgStrength = 15.0;
float newAvgDirection = 10.0;
float newVarStrength = 7.0;
float newVarDirection = -30.0;
float newRateChange = 8.0;
    touch_start(integer number)
        string activePluginName = osWindActiveModelPluginName();
        if(activePluginName == "SimpleRandomWind")
            llSay(0, "[SimpleRandomWind]");
            osSetWindParam("SimpleRandomWind", "strength", newStrength);
            llSay(0, "wind strength(strength) is changed to " + (string)newStrength);
        else if(activePluginName == "ConfigurableWind")
            llSay(0, "[ConfigurableWind]");
            osSetWindParam("ConfigurableWind", "avgStrength", newAvgStrength);
            llSay(0, "average wind strength(avg_strength) is changed to " + (string)newAvgStrength);
            osSetWindParam("ConfigurableWind", "avgDirection", newAvgDirection);
            llSay(0, "average wind direction in degrees(avg_direction) is changed to " + (string)newAvgDirection);
            osSetWindParam("ConfigurableWind", "varStrength", newVarStrength);
            llSay(0, "allowable variance in wind strength(var_strength) is changed to " + (string)newVarStrength);
            osSetWindParam("ConfigurableWind", "varDirection", newVarDirection);
            llSay(0, "allowable variance in wind direction in +/- degrees(var_direction) is changed to " + (string)newVarDirection);
            osSetWindParam("ConfigurableWind", "rateChange", newRateChange);
            llSay(0, "rate of change(rate_change) is changed to " + (string)newRateChange);
This function was added in 0.7.2-post-fixes and replaces the deprecated osWindParamSet function.
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