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integer osTeleportObject(key objectUUID, vector targetPos, rotation rot, int flags)
  • objectUUID the id of the linkset to teleport
  • targetPos target position
  • rot a rotation.
  • flags
  • OSTPOBJ_NONE it is just 0
  • OSTPOBJ_STOPATTARRGET object is stopped at destination
  • OSTPOBJ_STOPONFAIL stops at start point if tp fails (still does nothing)
  • OSTPOBJ_SETROT the rotation is the final object rotation, otherwise is a added rotation
Threat Level Severe
Permissions ${XEngine|osslParcelO}ESTATE_MANAGER,ESTATE_OWNER
Delay 0 seconds
// Example of osTeleportObject
returns a integer error code:
  • negative the teleport failed
  • Zero means that a teleport to another region was started. result needs to be checked by other means (?)
  • 1 did a local teleport
  • if object has scripts, owner must have rights to run scripts on target location
  • object owner must have rights to enter ojects on target location
  • target location parcel must have enought free prims capacity for the linkset prims
  • all avatars siting on the object must have access to target location
  • has a cool down time. retries before expire reset it, and tp is ignored with error -2
  • the object can not be selected at tp time
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