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rotation osSlerp(rotation a, rotation b, float ratio);
Returns a rotation that is the spherical interpolation of a and b, according to ratio that can be from 0 (result is a) to 1 (result is b)
Threat Level None
Permissions Use of this function is always allowed by default
Delay 0 seconds
//Test osSlerp. Kayaker Mangic Sept 2019
   //This isn't the right way to wiggle a stick (llSetKeyframedMotion is better)
  //but it does demostrate osSlerp working!
 //Put this script in a prim that is long in the X direction,
//it will wave it's tip around in a figure 8 (infinity) pattern.
rotation lastrot=ZERO_ROTATION;     //slerp between these two rotations
rotation nextrot=ZERO_ROTATION;
float t=0.0;                //parameter for calculating angles to slerp between
float ratio=1.0;            //does 10 slerp steps of 0.1 between last and next
        ratio += 0.1;       //step in 0.1 incriments
        if (ratio>1.0)      //between 0 and 1
            ratio = 0.1;    //start over
            lastrot=nextrot;    //save the last rotation
            t += PI/10.0;       //bump t to generate points on a Lissajous curve
            float y=llSin(t);       //this will generate points around an
            float z=llSin(2.0*t);   //infinity sympol
            vector fwd=llVecNorm(<2.0,y,z>);    //tip of this vector carves out the shape
            vector lft=llVecNorm(<0,0,1>%fwd);  //convert that into a rotation
            nextrot = llAxes2Rot(fwd,lft,fwd%lft);  //this will be the next rotation to slerp to
        rotation rot=osSlerp(lastrot,nextrot,ratio);    //slerp generates rotations between these
        llSetRot(rot);                      //rotate to that.
Implemented Set, 2019 by Ubit Umarov
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