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key osGetInventoryLastOwner(string itemName_or_itemId)
Returns the id(key) of the last owner of inventory item with id "itemName_or_itemId" if that parameter is a valid key or with that name if not.
Threat Level This function does not do a threat level check
Permissions Use of this function is always allowed by default
Extra Delay 0 seconds
To test this example script, you must set the object and script to "Anyone: Copy".

Another user can then copy the object to their inventory, rezz it and test it.
In this way, this user becomes the new owner of the object without modification rights (no-mod).

// osGetInventoryLastOwner Script Exemple
// Author: Ubit
        llSay(PUBLIC_CHANNEL, "Drop a item to this primitive's inventory to see osGetInventoryLastOwner usage.");
    changed(integer change)
        if (change & CHANGED_INVENTORY)         
            llSay(PUBLIC_CHANNEL, "The inventory has changed ...");
        if (change & CHANGED_ALLOWED_DROP)
            llSay(PUBLIC_CHANNEL, "An item has been dropped in this primitive's inventory");
            key id = osGetLastChangedEventKey();
            if (id != "")
                key who = osGetInventoryLastOwner(id);
                llSay(PUBLIC_CHANNEL, "I got inventory dropped item " + (string)id);
                llSay(PUBLIC_CHANNEL, "Item dropped by "+ (string)who + " (" + llKey2Name(who) + ")");
                llSay(PUBLIC_CHANNEL, "The item name is " + osGetInventoryName(id));
                llSay(PUBLIC_CHANNEL, "The item description is " + osGetInventoryDesc(id));
                llSay(PUBLIC_CHANNEL, "This item id is empty ...");
This function was added in Dev

Implemented February, 22 2019 in GIT# bd27573130d4a40d678c81c687591708ab4e4f34

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