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string osGetLinkInventoryName(integer linkNumber, key itemId)
Return the name of an item located in a child prim inventory.
Threat Level This function does not do a threat level check
Permissions Use of this function is always allowed by default
Extra Delay 0 seconds
// Example for osGetLinkInventoryName
// This script uses the osGetLinkInventoryName function to get the name of an inventory item via the key and child prim number
// Define the child prim
integer CHILD_PRIM_NUMBER = 2;
// Define the key of the inventory item
// Event handler, that is executed on script start
        // Get the inventory item name via its key and the child prim number
        string itemName = osGetLinkInventoryName(CHILD_PRIM_NUMBER, itemUUID);
        // Check if the name is not empty
        if (itemName != "")
            // Output the item name to owner chat
            llOwnerSay("Name of the inventory item with UUID " + (string)itemUUID + ": " + itemName);
            // If the name is empty or the item is not found indicate as such
            llOwnerSay("The inventory item with UUID " + (string)itemUUID + " may be empty or not found");
This function was added in

osGetLinkInventoryName (linkNumber, itemId) is not an extension of llGetInventoryName (integer type, integer number) to links.
To extend llGetInventoryName (type, number) to links, we must call osGetLinkInventoryNames (note the final 's') to get the list of
inventory names for this type, sort the list, then extract the item at index 'number'.

string myGetLinkInventoryName (integer linkNumber, integer type, integer number)
    list names = osGetLinkInventoryNames (linkNumber, type);
    names = llListSort (names, 1, TRUE);
    return llList2String (names, number);

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