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Dynamic textures allow scripts to create images on the fly, combining graphics loaded from the World Wide Web with text, lines, ellipses and filled or unfilled rectangles. The textures thus created are temporary, maintained by the individual region in which they are created, and are not permanently stored in the asset service.

In general, one creates a string containing a list of Drawing commands and parameters, either directly or with the aid of one of the "convenience" drawing functions listed below, then passes this string as a parameter to one of the osSetDynamicTexture* commands.

In the list below, the threat level of each function is indicated in parentheses after the function name. There is no threat level associated with the drawing commands.

NOTE: If you use this feature, simulator-side asset caching has to be active (this is the default setting).

Graphics Primitive Drawing Functions

Text Drawing Functions

Dynamic Texture Creation Functions

Graphics Primitive Drawing Commands

Text Drawing Commands

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