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**[[OSSL Standards|OSSL Standards]]
**[[OSSL Standards|OSSL Standards]]
* LS
** [[LightShare#LightShare Scripting|LightShare Functions]]
** [[LightShare#LightShare Scripting|LightShare Functions]]
** [[OSSL Script Library/ModSendCommand|modSendCommand()]]
** [[OSSL Script Library/ModInvoke|Custom functions using modInvoke()]]

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Current OSSL Functions Implemented

Updated OSSL Functions as of OpenSim DEV 0.7.4 OpenSim-0007711-r/18206 March 1, 2012

! Partial Update December.10.2010 With commits of this date some functions have been corrected to use standard ossl conventions. The previous are tagged as deprecated with their replacement shown. The deprecated functions will advise you with a msg that they have been deprecated and to use new osFunction name instead. Further Updates are needed to complete existing list of osFunctions.

Special Note: Some Functions as shown use "double" as a Value instead of "float" these vary for purposes of accuracy as shown Below.

(Float is short for "floating point", and just means a number with a point something on the end.)

The difference between the two is in the size of the numbers that they can hold. For float, you can have up to 7 digits in your number. For doubles, you can have up to 16 digits. To be more precise, here's the official size: ( float: 1.5 × 10-45 to 3.4 × 1038 ) ( double: 5.0 × 10-324 to 1.7 × 10308 )

Note that some function takes doubles as arguments but may be internally down-casted to floats.

Each of these functions has an threat level associated to it. See Threat level for more information and an overview of each function's level.



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Prim Drawings

Dynamic Textures





Grid Information




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