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Welcome to Friti's BrainStorm. This page will be basically a combination of a sandbox, and a development page. Pages created and edited here may or may not make it into the the official wiki content.

Also to be found here are some experiments which may or may not lead to something.

The purpose of this is to increase my own knowledge of wiki-related matters (editing, techniques, etc) and to lift the OpenSim wiki to a higher level. In the process, this will also allow me to clean up my user page ;-)

Plans and Ideas

These are not on the todo list (yet), because they have not yet moved beyond the "idea" stage.

  • Write some end-user guides. Like quickstart guides for various actions (how to set up a server, how to clone the Git repo and build, etc). Everything should be very simple, and easy to understand. No technical stuff, just the procedure. Right now, the wiki is still confusing to many people who are looking for just some basic info.


  • Write a stub on Collada Meshes. Included should be a list of (free) software that can be used to create collada mesh. (Also redirect "mesh" to "collada mesh"!)
  • We have a comprehensive list of OSSL functions, but where is the documentation of the OSSL Constants? Well, here, i hope. => User:Fritigern/OSSL Constants

New pages

Quick tests. To be ignored!

Threat level


Deprecation template.

Purpose: To be used on the pages of deprecated functions. New page is to be created with replacement function. Suggest copying over the content of the page of the deprecated function, and make modifications in the content of the new page.
Usage: {{deprecate|<MM DD YYYY>|<newname>}}
Example: {{deprecate|Nov. 21 1997|Friti}}

3rd Party template.

Purpose: To be used on pages dealing with 3rd party add-ons, modules, and so forth, so as to clearly, uniformly, and effortlessly mark them as 3rd party software.
Usage: {{thirdparty}}
Example: {{thirdparty}}

Multicol template

Imported from Wikipedia and very useful for making large lists appear in multiple columns, and thus reduce scrolling. And example would be OSSL_Implemented.

Multicol applied

This is some text.

This is some text too.

And here's some more text.

And whoa! Even more text!!!

Disambiguation Template

Importing the disambiguation template from Wikipedia to our own wiki.

Image test

List icon
Disambiguation icon

Securing some code

Didn't want this code to get lost after turning the containing page into a redirect.

    string drawList = "";
    drawList = osDrawLine (drawList, 10,20,240,20);
    drawList = osMovePen (drawList, 50,100);
    drawList = osDrawImage(drawList, 100,100,"" );
    drawList = osSetPenSize (drawList, 1);
    drawList = osMovePen (drawList, 50,70);
    drawList = osDrawEllipse (drawList, 20,20);
    drawList = osMovePen(drawList, 90,70);
    drawList = osDrawRectangle (drawList, 20,20 );
    drawList = osMovePen (drawList,130,70);
    drawList = osDrawFilledRectangle(drawList, 20,20);
    drawList = osSetFontSize (drawList, 12 );
    drawList = osMovePen (drawList,15,32);
    string regionName = llGetRegionName();
    drawList = osDrawText (drawList, "Hello and welcome to " + regionName );
    drawList = osSetFontSize (drawList, 7);
    drawList = osSetPenColour (drawList, "blue");
    drawList = osMovePen (drawList, 70,220);
    drawList = osDrawText (drawList, "The End");
    osSetDynamicTextureData("", "vector", drawList, "", 0);

A text box test

A little idea i had for the some of the pages. Dunno if it will work or not....

Footerbox template

A template, to be inserted at the end of notable pages. Criteria yet to be determined, but should help users find more, and related info fast.

Template should be flexible, and allow a format like this (first draft!):

 |title=Related Pages
 |list=[[grass]], [[pesto]], [[wasabi]], [[pea soup]], [[Sea Monsters]]

The output should look roughly like this:

Related Pages
More articles related to Green :
Grass -- Pesto -- Wasabi -- Pea Soup -- Sea Monsters

Footerbox shall be intended to be included in other templates, so that Template:Purple, or Template:Fish_products will have a similar layout, whilst reducing complexity of the use of those templates. I.E. all that the user will have to do, would be to include {{Purple}} or {{Fish_products}} at the end of their article.

The Template

 |background =
 |border =
 |headercolor =

The Template In Action

Related Pages
More articles related to Green:
grass, pesto, wasabi, pea soup, Sea Monsters

More articles related to scripting:
Scripting Documentation -- OSSL_Implemented -- LSL Status -- Category:Scripting -- OS Scripting Tutorial -- Script Engines

The Template As An Inclusion

Scriptingv · d · e
More articles related to scripting:
Scripting Documentation -- OSSL_Implemented -- LSL Status -- Category:Scripting -- OS Scripting Tutorial -- Script Engines

Physics Enginev · d · e
More articles related to physics:
Physics -- PhysicsEngines -- NINJA Physics -- Physics Engine Interface -- Feature Matrix -- Distributed Scene Graph -- Collada Mesh

Template Hidden


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