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OpenSimulator supports the use of collada meshes.

For general information on Mesh use in OpenSimulator, please see Linden Lab wiki pages such as

You will need to ignore any Havok physics engine specific parts as this is not used on OpenSimulator. Unfortunately, there is not yet any equivalent advice for the OpenSimulator Bullet and ODE physics engine with regards to mesh performance.

Enabling mesh support

To make sure that your OpenSimulator server has mesh support enabled, edit OpenSim.ini, and look for the lines that should read:

   ; enable / disable Collada mesh support
   ; default is true
   AllowMeshUpload = true

If you do not have that section in Opensim.ini, then you can safely add it yourself.

Free Software to make meshes with




Viewers with Mesh support

  • LL Project Viewer - An experimental mesh supporting viewer by Linden Labs
  • Kirsten's Viewer - A v2 based viewer with heavy emphasis on nice graphics.
  • Singularity - A V1 based viewer, with the good stuff from v2 added. Supports mesh, OSSL, and more.
  • Cool VL Viewer - one of the oldest Third Party Viewers around (former name: Cool SL Viewer), fully OpenSimulator compatible.
  • Firestorm Viewer - A V2 based viewer,Supports mesh viewing and uploading, grid menu for Opensim, also Pheonix Viewer - V1 viewer with mesh view and upload, grid Manager.

Working on including Mesh support

  • Imprudence and Kokua - Imprudence is v1 based, Kokua is v2 based. Both are develped by the same team.

Other Meshes

You may not realize it, but sculpties too are meshes. One important difference with sculpties on Secondlife, is that in OpenSim, you can completely disable the bounding box (the invisible wall that you bump into, when you have a large sculptie). This will allow you to make working sculptie stars, without having to use tricks like invisible prims. By default, this feature is turned on, so no need to worry about that. However, should you find that you keep running into bounding boxes anyway, you may want to edit OpenSim.ini, and look for the following lines:

   ;# {mesh_sculpted_prim} {[Startup]physics:OpenDynamicsEngine} {Mesh sculpties so they
      collide as they look?} {true false} true
   ;; Do we want to mesh sculpted prim to collide like they look?
   ;; If you are seeing sculpt texture decode problems
   ;; (messages such as "Decoded image with unhandled number of components: 0 shortly followed by a physcs exception")
   ;; then you might want to try setting this to false.
   ; mesh_sculpted_prim = true

The current default for this is "true".

Since in OpenSimulator, prim size is set to a maximum of 256 meters by default, it can be worthwhile to use sculpties instead of collada mesh, especially if the mesh you need is a relatively simple one.


Phantom mesh

As of begin of February 2013, when uploading a mesh, do not use steps 2 and 3 in the "physics" tab of the mesh upload panel because it is breaking physics so if using them, your object will be as phantom and you will see a "[MESH]: No recognized physics mesh found in mesh asset....." in the simulator console.

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