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Updating your version of OpenSimulator

Always read the release notes of the new version. It may include more information for the update process

Upgrading your version of OpenSimulator involves 4 major steps

1. Backup current instalation, including databases.

2. Update the code

3. Update your existing data for the new version of OpenSimulator.

4. Update the configuration files.

If you have a old version, you may need to install and run intermediate versions, so that your data is automatically converted. For example to upgrade from a version prior to, then you MUST first upgrade to and only then upgrade that to Details for this case found at: http://opensimulator.org/wiki/

Update your existing data

If you use SQLite, copy *.db files of previous version bin folder to the new version bin folder. The old bin folder is the natural backup.

In the case of the other database engines, the update of the data will happen automatically when running the new version, replacing the old data.

If you do not backup the databases, so you will not be able to revert if something goes wrong

You should also backup the region saving a full oar of it.

Updating your config files

This step is a little more involved. We don't recommend that you simply copy over your existing config files to the new OpenSimulator installation. Although this will often work, sometimes it's quite possible to miss new configuration settings which end up causing subtle and unexplained problems.

Instead, we strongly recommend that you copy the new example config files and change them to your case, using the old ones only as reference

copy bin/OpenSim.ini.example to OpenSim.ini and edit.
copy bin/Regions/Regions.ini.example to bin/Regions/Regions.ini
copy bin/config-include/FlotsamCache.ini.example to bin/config-include/FlotsamCache.ini and edit (should not need)
copy bin/config-include/osslEnable.ini.example to bin/config-include/osslEnable.ini and edit
for standalones
 copy bin/config-include/StandaloneCommon.ini.example to bin/config-include/StandaloneCommon and edit
for grid regions
 copy bin/config-include/GridCommon.ini.example to bin/config-include/GridCommon.ini and edit

if updating grid (robust) side

with HG support
 copy bin/Robust.HG.ini.example to bin Robust.HG.ini and edit
without HG
 copy bin/Robust.ini.example to bin Robust.ini and edit

if have splited services, do this per each instance.

SEE Discussion at Talk:Upgrading for examples of How-To Back Up & Restore your system PRIOR to ANY Migration or Upgrade!

Changing the database used by OpenSimulator

To change the database engine used by a region, for example for the simple SQLite to MySql, you will need a OpenSimulator Region Archive (OAR) file of the region, for example on a single region instance:

load oar HellIsland-021522.oar

if instance has several regions do not forget to change the console to the correct one:

change-region Private Hell
load oar HellIsland-021522.oar

The change Robust databases is more a more complex issue, depending on the engines in question and their migration tools


Upgrade_Ubuntu_Standalone - OpenSimulator Upgrade notes for Ubuntu 8.10 (obsolete)

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