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How to Upgrade Your Ubuntu Standalone OpenSimulator

The following instructions assume you have a currently running two region (island) OpenSimulator on Ubuntu 8.10 in Standalone mode using SQLite for the database. We will also assume the two regions are named test and test2.

The goals are:

1. Backup your current install and preserve all your Inventory/Assets, Terrain info, Region info, and OpenSim.ini file.

2. Update your current version to the latest trunk.

3. Reload it all and run your brand new upgraded OpenSimulator.

Run OpenSim

1. mono OpenSim.exe

Save your Region information and shutdown the Simulator

1. change-region test
2. save-oar test.oar
3. change-region test2
4. save-oar test2.oar
5. shutdown

Backup your current install, delete it, then install the latest version

1. cd ../..
2. cp -R opensim opensimbak
3. rm -Rf opensim
4. svn co http://opensimulator.org/svn/opensim/trunk opensim
5. cd opensim
6. ./runprebuild.sh
7. nant

Start moving your old information to the new install

1. cd ../opensimbak/bin
2. cp -f *.db OpenSim.ini *.oar ../../opensim/bin
3. cp -Rf Regions ../../opensim/bin
4. cd ../../opensim/bin

Run the new install

1. mono OpenSim.exe

When the server finishes booting (if you get NHibernate errors see Additional Info below) reload your oar files:

1. change-region test
2. load-oar test.oar
3. change-region test2
4. load-oar test2.oar

Now that your OpenSimulator is running, shut it down then restart it just to make sure everything is okay.

1. shutdown
2. mono OpenSim.exe

Additional Info

Check out the page Upgrading for some great information on additional server upgrading issues. If you have any additional files like r32 terrain files you might want to preserve them too. A good practice would be to store them somewhere other than the opensim directory so you do not risk losing them.

To fix the NHibernate errors:

1. Download the file http://prdownloads.sourceforge.net/castleproject/Castle-net-2.0-release-2007-9-20.zip?download

2. Copy the Castle.DynamicProxy2.dll Castle.DynamicProxy2.xml Castle.Core.dll Castle.Core.xml files from the bin folder into the opensim/bin directory.

3. Run the OpenSimulator and the errors should be fixed.

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