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== Project News ==
== Project News ==
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For older release history, see [[Release Notes]].
For older release history, see [[Release Notes]].
=== March 2012 ===
=== March 2012 ===

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Project News

For older release history, see Release Notes.

March 2012

February 2012

October 2011

May 2011

August 2010

January 2010

-Unofficial OpenSimulator meetup - UK
-Presence Refactor in testing. (Friends, SQLite and HyperGrid still need implementation in this branch) link
-We're also looking for solid documentation writing. If you're interested, please subscribe to opensim-dev and send us a letter.

December 2009

Version 0.6.8 has been released. Source packages can be downloaded at

September 2009

Version 0.6.7 has been released. Source packages can be downloaded at

August 2009

OpenSimulator has moved it's source repository to git. Please see Using Git for more details about setting up git to access the source repository. For anyone that can't use git, we're keeping a SVN mirror at

Additionally, we have a viewgit for OpenSimulator at

June 2009

Version 0.6.6 has been released. Source packages can be downloaded at

May 2009

Starting in r9562 OpenSimulator has a set of new configuration variables that specify how services and service connectors are set up.

Please reference the Services and Service Connectors Configuration page for more information.

April 2009

  • There is a current proposal to drop Visual Studio 2005 support in OpenSimulator by end of May. Visual Studio 2008 will still be supported. If you have strong opinions on the matter, use the mailing lists to make your voice heard. (this proposal was approved)


February 2010

January 2010

November 2009

September 2009

January 2009

September 2008

February 2008


RSS Feeds

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  • WorldSimTerra (Português, English, Español)
  • Adam's OpenSimulator resources blog post - a list of resources for running OpenSimulator
  • Rock Vacirca's Blog - lots of tutorials, not only on OpenSim, but on MySQL, Hippo, Second Inventory, etc
  • justincc's blog - A blog with a weekly OpenSimulator development update and regular articles on various OpenSimulator topics.
  • - tidbits from an OpenSimulator developer.
  • Mo Hax - posts and videos about OpenSimulator and Second Life from beginner perspective, focus on content previewing and educational use (No Page Information available)
  • Metaverse3d - French blog about metaverse and OpenSimulator.
  • Subwereld - A Dutch weblog about the OpenSimulator Project, the virtual world grids and OpenSimulator tools. (URI going to 404 Error)
  • Maxping - A web magazine that writes about open source virtual worlds. (Verify URI / Domain, no informations available)
  • Cyberlandia Blog - Italian blog about Opensim, hypergrid and virtual worlds (Blog never available)
  • b5od Teravus Misc Blog - Teravus' technology blog about .NET, OpenSimulator, Security and other topics (OpenSimulator Tag) (Blogsystem in Maintenance-Modus for a long time)
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