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Release Notes

Welcome to OpenSimulator This is a minor point release from OpenSimulator 0.7.1. It contains bug fixes but no database changes (except for MSSQL) or configuration changes.

One significant change since OpenSimulator 0.7.1 is that the current outfit folder no longer continuously fills with inventory links when using viewer 2 and related third party viewers. Outfit management should now work.

Also, it appears that recent viewer 2 code now allows appearance to be changed if the avatar is a gas cloud. The minimal set of items for the avatar to appear

The most prominent issue with viewer 2 and OpenSimulator now is that the world map does not show up properly - users see corresponding tiles from the Linden Lab grid instead. This will be addressed by a later release.

As this is a wiki page, please feel free to update it with more information about any issues that come to light.


OpenSimulator requires

  • At least .NET Framework 3.5 when running under Windows.
  • At least Mono 2.4.3 when running under Mono.
  • Installation of the Nant build tool if building from source. Alternatively, the source can also be built using Microsoft Visual C# 2008 Express Edition under Windows or the xbuild tool shipped with Mono.

Known Bugs

  • Linden Lab Viewer 2.6.8 and later will crash if a script invokes llDialog(). This is because this viewer assumes that the OwnerData field in ScriptDialog will be present, which this and earlier versions of OpenSimulator do not supply. This is fixed in the current OpenSimulator development code by updating the LibOpenMetaverse libraries (commit c4b265ae) and supplying the OwnerData information (8129e654) and dealing with a change in the MoneyBalanceReply message (c67fa72). Once this proves stable, it will be ported to the 0.7.1-dev git branch.

Backwards compatibility notices

  • None

Configuration changes

  • None

Database changes

  • GridUserStore table added for MSSQL plugin.

Other changes

  • Inventory links now fixed. These means that outfits will work properly with viewer 2 and similar third party viewers.
  • Hypergrid map display fixed for viewer 1 series.
  • Offline Instant Messaging adaptor fixed.
  • get_grid_info now escapes xml entities where required.
  • Loading older OARs which contain no parcel data is fixed.
  • llGetMarcelMaxPrims() fixed to use the same calculations as the rest of the simulator.
  • en-US culture enforced when saving archive data.
  • Very verbose debug logging messages eliminated.

Full list from git

6419544 switch to release version info
951ede7 Make sure culture is en-US when saving archive related xml.
b25cb04 If parsing fails in the primitive base shape (which prints out a debug log message), also print out the name and uuid of the part containing this shape.
85bad46 When saving an iar, don't chase down link asset IDs (since these points to other items rather than real assets)
b60ce71 fix bug where outfit folder links could not be deleted
3738aff Allow item links to be deleted even when other deletes and purges are disabled.
8e24968 don't throw a null reference if an inventory link target doesn't exist when we're inspecting in order to send the required inventory folders
472f784 Fix adding/removing/replacing outfits in viewer 2
d2aea3e Fix broken inventory links on viewer 2.
3957a09 Add a smidgen of method doc about the fact that item links reuse the asset id item slot
3bea263 Prevent viewer 2 from creating a duplicate outfit inventory links.
c71253b Correct llGetParcelMaxPrims() to use the same calculation as used elsewhere instead of the old 0.22 prims/meter squared fudge factor.
9780d17 When loading an OAR that doesn't have parcels, create a default parcel
38e6571 The get_grid_info REST call now encodes XML Entities
e89b774 Fix offline IMs here too.
d0673d7 Somewhat reverting the last commit. The viewer ignores 255's on tiles that were previously on, so we need to send 254 (offline) explicitly. Also removing the +/-4 for HGMap, because it makes the map flicker.
009b227 Changed the Access flag on HGMap to 255 (does not exist) and clarified the other value 254 too. Meanings taken from libomv.
8f2c391 Fixes gray tiles around +/-4 when user clicks on an empty tile. Affects regions above 4096 primarily.
5317bfb Fixes gray tiles on map search for viewers 1.
f8f99f3 The map is seriously broken. This doesn't fix it, but at least provides one more piece of data that seems to be required -- agent flags, which seem to be different in Viewer 2. WARNING: changes IClientAPI.
d9607f9 Fix content-type to be application/x-www-form-urlencoded
785e485 Mantis #5470 -- add forgotten MSSQL's GridUserStore. Thank you MrMonkE
c45786c Removed SimpleRegionInfo, which was obsolete and not used anywhere.
5d6aefd Change command help text for "show capabilities" to "show caps", as this is the actual command that has to be typed on the console.
6077c11 One more bug fix concerning library items that weren't being copied to user's inventory. Also commented verbose debug message.
af396fa Bug fix: iars under Library weren't being loaded.
accb449 change release flavour to post fixes


Many, many thanks to all the developers, testers and community members who contributed to this release. Your hard work help make the free metaverse possible :)

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