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Myriad Lite

What Is Myriad Lite?

Before home computers were widely available, people played role-playing games (RPGs) by sitting around a table, telling shared stories, and rolling dice to determine if their "character" in the story succeeded or failed at the actions the player wanted them to take within the story.

Myriad Lite is a project to adapt a pen-and-paper role-playing game rulebook into OpenSimulator Xengine and SecondLife Mono scripts, and the related 3D objects, needed to implement a pen-and-paper role-playing game in 3D virtual worlds.

The Myriad Universal RPG System

Myriad Lite is based on the book MYRIAD: A UNIVERSAL RPG SYSTEM by Ashok Desai, which is freely downloadable as a PDF e-book from Lulu.

You also also purchase the "Myriad Special Extended Edition" printed book from that site, which includes for additional rules, many more examples, and other information.

I do not make any financial gain if you purchase the book, but if you would like to support the original writer, I recommend it.

It is helpful to read through the original rulebook to understand the rules and assumptions "behind" Myriad Lite, before diving into the scripts.


In Alphabetical Order:

  • Allen Kerensky (SL/OSG) - contributed the initial LSL and OSSL scripting and basic system design converting a pen and paper game into the virtual world
  • Artemis Tesla (OSG) - improved health summary report scripting
  • Ashok Desai - contributed the original Myriad RPG System and Myriad Special Extended Edition books that started this
  • Baroun Tardis (SL/OSG) - contributed Baroun's Adventure Machine (BAM) v1 design and scripts
  • Gimisa Cerise - (OSG) kibbitzing and moral support - asking the fundamental questions to keep me on track with some of the goals
  • Jeanie Weston (SL) - contributed Jeanie's Heart sculpty
  • Lani Global (OSG) - contributed animations, textures sounds, bullet and armor effects design, trap design and scripting, continual testing and feedback
  • Pete Camino (OSG) - contributed firearms, feedback and testing
  • Snoopy Pfeffer (SL/OSG) - contributed the Ixi combat sandbox region for testing
  • Tanja Darwin (OSG) - developing a Myriad Lite OpenSim region module and matching Radegast viewer plugin
  • Vegaslon Plutonian (OSG) - Raycast firearm coding and testing, kibbitzing and moral support - idea sounding board - second opinions
  • Yoshiko Fazuku (SL/OSG/Avi) - Contributed Food/Potion scripting


Current and Development

Player Scripts

Instructions Description Current Script (Preview 6) Development Script
Armor Registers armor attachments with HUD Myriad_Lite_Armor_Preview6.lsl (v0.0.6 20120212) Myriad_Lite_Armor-v0.0.7-20120826.lsl
Bullet Fired from firearm to trigger Ranged Combat skill checks Myriad_Lite_Bullet-Preview6.lsl (v0.0.5 20120811)
Firearm Firearm/bow attachment to fire bullets/arrows Myriad_Lite_Firearm-Preview6.lsl (v1.5-20120130)
Holster Holster/sheath attachment to show you carry a weapon Myriad_Lite_Holster-Preview6.lsl (v0.0.1-20120201)
Lite The core script for the Myriad Lite HUD Myriad_Lite-Preview6.lsl (v0.1.10-20120809) Myriad Bullets Only - Myriad_Lite-v0.1.11-20120826.lsl

Collision OR Myriad Bullets - Myriad_Lite-v0.1.12-20121219.lsl (may be withdrawn)

Lite Module: Armor HUD module for Armor attachments Myriad_Lite_Module_Armor-Preview6.lsl (v0.0.2-20120317) Myriad_Lite_Module_Armor-v0.0.3-20120826.lsl
Lite Module: BAM HUD module for Baroun's Adventure Machine (Quests) Myriad_Lite_Module_BAM-Preview6.lsl (v0.0.4-20120317) Myriad_Lite_Module_BAM-v0.0.5-20120826.lsl
Lite Module: Character Sheet HUD module to load and manage character sheet data Myriad_Lite_Module_Character_Sheet-Preview6.lsl (v0.0.3-20120522) CRITICAL FIX Myriad_Lite_Module_Character_Sheet-v0.0.6-20120827.lsl
Character Sheet HUD notecard for character sheet information and stats Myriad_Lite_Character_Sheet-Preview6.txt (v0.0.5-20120604))
Lite Module: Meter HUD module to manage the hovertext meter attachment Myriad_Lite_Module_Meter-Preview6.lsl (v0.0.0-20120810) CRITICAL FIX Myriad_Lite_Module_Meter-v0.0.3-20120827.lsl
Lite Module: Progression HUD module to track and spend Experience Points for progress Myriad_Lite_Module_Progression-v0.0.0-20120518.lsl
Lite Module: Resilience HUD module to track resilience, wounds, and healing Myriad_Lite_Module_Resilience-Preview6.lsl (v0.0.1-20120810) CRITICAL FIX Myriad_Lite_Module_Resilience-v0.0.5-20120903.lsl
Lite Module: Rumors HUD module for region-specific rumors Myriad_Lite_Module_Rumors-Preview6.lsl (v0.0.1-20120317) Myriad_Lite_Module_Rumors-v0.0.2-20120826.lsl
Lite Module: Skill Close Combat HUD module for Close Combat skill, hand-to-hand combat, fist fighter Myriad_Lite_Module_Skill_Close_Combat-Preview6.lsl (v0.0.0-20120430) Myriad_Lite_Module_Skill_Close_Combat-v0.0.2-20120903.lsl
Lite Module: Skill Ranged Combat HUD module for Ranged Combat skill, thrown and fired projectiles Myriad_Lite_Module_Skill_Ranged_Combat-Preview6.lsl (v0.0.1-20120511) Myriad_Lite_Module_Skill_Ranged_Combat-v0.0.3-20120903.lsl
Lite Module: WELL HUD module for World Effect Language Library, utility functions Myriad_Lite_Module_WELL-Preview6.lsl (v0.0.2-20120626) Myriad_Lite_Module_WELL-v0.0.3-20120826.lsl
Melee Melee weapon attachment for clubs, knives, swords, etc. Myriad_Lite_Melee-Preview6.lsl (v0.0.6-20120508)
Meter Hovertext meter to see character status in-world Myriad_Lite_Meter-Preview6.lsl (v0.0.6-20120810) Myriad_Lite_Meter-v0.0.7-20120827.lsl
Target Practice dummy for close and ranged combat Myriad_Lite_Target-Preview6.lsl (v0.0.6-20120202.lsl)

Region Owner Scripts

Instructions Description Current Script (Preview 6) Development Script
BAM Adventure Giver NPC Baroun's Adventure Machine NPC script to start quests off BAM_Adventure_Giver_NPC-Preview6.lsl (v0.0.7-20120704)
BAM Collision Goal Baroun's Adventure Machine quest goal triggered on collision BAM_Collision_Goal-Preview6.lsl (v0.0.8-20120704)
BAM Location Goal Baroun's Adventure Machine quest goal triggered by sensor BAM_Location_Goal-Preview6.lsl (v0.0.8-20120704)
BAM Touch Goal Baroun's Adventure Machine quest goal trigger by touch BAM_Touch_Goal-Preview6.lsl (v0.0.9-20120704)
BAM Trap A quest trap by Lani Global Myriad_Compatible_Trap-Preview6.lsl (v0.5.4-20120202)
Food Potion Partial healing based one a one-time use edible or drinkable item by Yoshiko Fazuku Myriad_Lite_Food_Potion-Preview6.lsl (v0.0.1-20120830)
Healing Provide narrated location-specific descriptions and clues Myriad_Lite_Healing-Preview6.lsl (v0.0.2-20120130) BUG FIX: Myriad_Lite_Healing-v0.0.2-20120903.lsl
Narrator Provide narrated location-specific descriptions and clues Myriad_Lite_Narrator-Preview6.lsl (v0.0.9-20120704)
NPC Critter Goon Framework for Myriad simple, expendable Critters and Goons Non-Player Characters Myriad_Lite_NPC_Critter_Goon-Preview6.lsl (v0.0.0-20120708) Myriad_Lite_NPC_Critter_Goon-v0.0.1-20121227.lsl (v0.0.1-20121227)
NPC Specialist Framework for Myriad skill-specific specialist Non-Player Characters
NPC Detailed Framework for Myriad fully-detailed Non-Player Characters
Region Status Simple report for Myriad combat status of all players in region Myriad_Lite_Region_Status-Preview6.lsl (v0.0.0-20120810) Myriad_Lite_Region_Status-v0.0.2-20120903.lsl
Rumor Server Rumor server script for serving moderated player-submitted rumors to a region Myriad_Lite_Rumor_Server-Preview6.lsl (v0.0.5-20120704)
Seed Rumors Starting rumors notecard for "seeding" a set of rumors for the Rumor Server Myriad_Lite_Seed_Rumors-Preview6.lsl (v0.0.0-20101108)
Turret Automated turret to track and shoot players Myriad_Lite_Turret-Preview6.lsl (v0.0.1-20120807)
Turret Bullet Modified Myriad Bullet for use inside automated Turrets and NPCs. Myriad_Lite_Turret_Bullet-Preview6.lsl (v0.0.0-20120511)

Region Settings Server

Instructions Description Current Script (Preview 6) Development Script
Region Settings Region settings notecard for region settings server Myriad_Lite_Region_Settings-Preview6.lsl (v0.0.3-20120810)
Region Settings Client Test client script to list region settings and region setting data from Region Settings server Myriad_Lite_Region_Settings_Client-Preview6.lsl (v0.0.3-20120810)
Region Settings Server Region settings server script for serving Region Settings data to a region Myriad_Lite_Region_Settings_Server-Preview6.lsl (v0.0.4-20120810)

Character Creator/Updater CSV Server

Category Summary Current Script (Preview 6) Development Script
CSV Server Boons Boon data notecard for Myriad CSV Server Myriad_Lite_Boons-v0.0.0-20120326.csv
CSV Server Boons Client Test client script to list boons and boon data from CSV server Myriad_Lite_Boons_Client-v0.0.0-20111006.lsl
CSV Server Boons Server CSV server script for serving Boon data to a region Myriad_Lite_Boons_Server-v0.0.1-20120124.lsl
CSV Server Equipment Equipment data notecard for Myriad CSV Server Myriad_Lite_Equipment-v0.0.1-20120424.csv
CSV Server Equipment Client Test client script to list equipment and equipment data from CSV server Myriad_Lite_Equipment_Client-v0.0.1-20120124.lsl
CSV Server Equipment Server CSV server script for serving Equipment data to a region Myriad_Lite_Equipment_Server-v0.0.2-20120424.lsl
CSV Server Flaws Flaws data notecard for CSV Server Myriad_Lite_Flaws-v0.0.0-20100326.csv
CSV Server Flaws Client Test client script to list flaws and flaws data from CSV server Myriad_Lite_Flaws_Client-v0.0.0-20111006.lsl
CSV Server Flaws Server CSV server script for serving Flaws data to a region Myriad_Lite_Flaws_Server-v0.0.1-20120129.lsl
CSV Server Point Pools Point Pool data notecard for CSV Server Myriad_Lite_Point_Pools-v0.0.0-20110928.csv
CSV Server Point Pools Client Test client script to list Point Pools data from CSV server Myriad_Lite_Point_Pools_Client-v0.0.0-20110928.lsl
CSV Server Point Pools Server CSV server script for serving Point Pools data to a region Myriad_Lite_Point_Pools_Server-v0.0.1-20120129.lsl
CSV Server Resiliences Resilience data notecard for CSV Server Myriad_Lite_Resiliences-v0.0.0-20111005.csv
CSV Server Resiliences Client Test client script to list Resiliences data from CSV server Myriad_Lite_Resiliences_Client-v0.0.0-20111005.lsl
CSV Server Resiliences Server CSV server script for serving Resiliences data to a region Myriad_Lite_Resiliences_Server-v0.0.0-20121005.lsl
CSV Server SFX Special Effect abilities data notecard for CSV Server Myriad_Lite_SFX-v0.0.0-20100326.csv
CSV Server SFX Client Test client script to list SFX data from CSV server Myriad_Lite_SFX_Client-v0.0.0-20111008.lsl
CSV Server SFX Server CSV server script for serving SFX data to a region Myriad_Lite_SFX_Server-v0.0.0-20111008.lsl
CSV Server Skills Skills data notecard for CSV Server Myriad_Lite_Skills-v0.0.2-20120527.csv
CSV Server Skills Client Test client script to list Skills data from CSV server Myriad_Lite_Skills_Client-v0.0.1-20120527.lsl
CSV Server Skills Server CSV server script for serving Skills data to a region Myriad_Lite_Skills_Server-v0.0.1-20120527.lsl
CSV Server Statistics Statistics data notecard for CSV Server Myriad_Lite_Statistics-v0.0.0-20111001.csv
CSV Server Statistics Client Test client script to list Statistics data from CSV server Myriad_Lite_Statistics_Client-v0.0.0-20110928.lsl
CSV Server Statistics Server CSV server script for serving Statistics data to a region Myriad_Lite_Statistics_Server-v0.0.0-20111001.lsl

Character Creator/Updater

Instructions Description Current (Preview 6) Development
Character Creator Controller Starts/stops Character Creator scripts based on modes Myriad_Lite_Creator_Controller-v0.0.1-20120203.lsl Myriad_Lite_Creator_Controller-v0.0.2-20120525.lsl
Character Creator Points-Based Manage character creation using point pools to buy attributes Myriad_Lite_Creator_Points-v0.0.1-20120203.lsl
Character Creator Random Manage character creation using random dice rolls for attributes Myriad_Lite_Creator_Random-v0.0.1-20120203.lsl
Character Creator Template Manage character creation using templates for attributes Myriad_Lite_Creator_Template-v0.0.1-20120203.lsl
Character Updater Gradual Manage character progress using Gradual method Myriad_Lite_Updater_Gradual-v0.0.0-20120528.lsl
Character Updater Level-Based Manage character progress using Experience Point Level-based method Myriad_Lite_Updater_Level-Based-v0.0.0-20120528.lsl
Character Updater Random Manage character progress using Random method Myriad_Lite_Updater_Random-v0.0.0-20120528.lsl

Snapshot Previews

I as develop the system, I wrap up and post everything as a milestone snapshot called a Preview. Preview snapshots are archived below.

The latest Preview Release is the recommended place to start if you are exploring the system.

Myriad Online Reference

U N D E R    C O N S T R U C T I O N

To provide an online reference for the rules and data, which can be used as comment links in the code, I have included the text of the original Myriad RPG system book here for reference.

Note: Myriad Lite may include rule implementation and supporting data from the Special Extended Edition, which is not reprinted here.

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