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I wonder if this page shouldn't be split into multiple pages. Something like:

  • New Standalone, not Grid connected
  • New Standalones, Grid connected
  • Existing Standalones, not Grid connected
  • Existing Standalones, Grid connected
  • New Installs, Hypergrid
  • Existing installs, Hypergrid
  • New Grid-Connected Installs, Non-Hypergrid
  • Existing Grid-Connected installs, Non-Hypergrid

etc... Each split into two sections, covering MySQL and SQLite where applicable

This idea was inspired by my attempts to add Wifi to my standalone, but Hypergridded server, with SQLite as the DB, which i couldn't get to work...

--Fritigern 06:15, 22 November 2010 (UTC)

With regard to the installation of Wifi, there isn't really a difference between new or existing installs, (hypergrid) connected or not.
The main issue might be that the latest release of Wifi (both binary and source code) doesn't work with current Git master of OpenSim out of the box. Basically, the released Wifi binary only works with the OpenSim release that the diva distribution is based on (i.e., or 0.7-post-fixes at the time of this writing). If you want to use Wifi with newest OpenSim 0.7.1 Dev, then you must adjust the Wifi source code and build your own binaries.
--Marck 20:33, 22 November 2010 (UTC)
Heh, this is starting to sound like a support request from me,but it isn't. I would use a forum for that :-)
I am not using the Git repos, my standalone is running, (my OSGrid connected server is running the OSGrid release of 0.7.1 btw), and i was trying to get Wifi running on my standalone. I still have no idea what went wrong though. The logs don't show any reference to Wifi, even though i followed the installation instructions to the letter (or so i think).
But anyway, no on splitting the page into multiple ones?
Then perhaps it might be a good idea have a good look at the page, and to do some restructuring (refactoring? ;-)), because IMO, it is kind of overshooting its purpose, because to a noob, and to people with only so much technical knowledge, it kind of reads like a technical document, as in that even though the desired info is still here, it's just not easy to find.
Therefore, i would like to suggest/propose the following:
  • Expand on the installation instructions, they are very sparse at the moment. A really easy to follow step-by-step guide would IMO be better. I would do this myself, but if i can't get it to work myself, then i can't be sure that what i write would be accurate. See Backup-MySQL for an example of what i think would be easy to follow. (When working on that article, i simply assumed that it would be read by a complete noob, which we all have been at one point. Non-noobs will simply skip to what they need, whereas actual noobs will learn much ;-))
  • Collect all the external links under its own header.
  • Minimize the references to the Diva Distro, and create a new page for DD alone. We don't want valueable info to get lost, but this page is about Wifi, and so DD should only be mentioned, and an internal link given to the DD page.
And maybe more improvements can be made. As i said, the info is there, it's just scattered, and not easy to read for people who never done this kind of thing. I know that this wiki exists by the grace of programmers and hackers, adding their knowledge to it. But unfortunately, sometimes what's easy for a coder, is not as easy (to understand) for a simple end-user. And i think we do need re-learn to think like a plumber when writing documentation. The plumbers will thank us for it ;-)
--Fritigern 08:53, 23 November 2010 (UTC)
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