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There are a number of ways of monitoring OpenSimulator. All of these relate to monitoring the simulator itself - there is currently no good way to extract statistics from ROBUST hosted services.

This is an area under active evolution and there is currently a high degree of inconsistency between monitoring and statistics solutions. This should improve over time.

See Client side monitoring for information on stats which can be seen via the viewer.

Internal monitoring

Web Statistics Module

A typical second life viewer will periodically send various performance metrics to the simulator (cpu usage, memory used by scene objects in the client, etc.). This can be recorded by OpenSimulator in an SQLite database for further analysis. This module also provides separate functionality to see some simulator information in web page format, though this functionality should in the future be moved into a separate module. See Web Statistics Module for more information.

show stats

This is a new statistics gathering mechanism slowly being added to OpenSimulator to integrate previous separate and ad-hoc mechanisms. It also has an experimental facility for recording this statistics to file for later analysis. See show stats for more information.

show queues

This console command displays data on the UDP packets transferred between the simulator and the viewer. A high number of resends as a proportion of total sends (say over 15%) for a single user can indicate a bad network connection between a particular viewer and the simulator. A high number of resends for all viewers could indicate a generally bad connection to the simulator.

xengine status

This console command displays some information on the XEngine script engine, including the number of events queued for processing, the number of active sensors, etimers, etc. If the number of events queued is persistently high then this could indicate an overloaded simulator.

External monitoring

Supported mechanisms

These are mechanisms which allow you to extract data about a simulator using external calls. These are reocmmended for use.


If a simulator is running, a GET request to


will return


in UTF8 if the simulator is running and the port is reachable by the network.


This old facility provides a way to retrieve some very basic region data and some more detailed information about the simulator as a whole. The data is returns is of low quality. It is always active. Data is provided in JSON format.

See XSimStatus.


This returns identical data to the main simulator part of XSimStatus but allows you to explicitly set the URL for retrieving monitoring data rather than having to retrieve a handler with a random UUID. Data is provided in JSON format.

See UXSimStatus

Show Stats

The show stats facility has a mechanism for fetching data via external calls. Please see the show stats page for more details.

Web Statistics Module

The Web Statistics Module is a module in OpenSimulator that can provide human readable HTML pages of monitor stated updated dynamically via AJAX. It also stores some historical data (as mentioned above) which is not extractable via external calls. See Web Statistics Module for more details.

Deprecated mechanisms

These are mechanisms that are deprecated and will be removed in a future OpenSimulator release.

Monitoring Module

The monitoring module allows one to retrieve region statistics via a URL. Unlike XSimStatus and UXSimStatus one can retrieve statistics per scene rather than just statistics for the scene which sents its stats data last.

All the data available via this module is now available via the Show stats mechanism. The current exception is the ODE specific debug data.

See Monitoring Module

Other stats facilities





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