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This old facility provides a way to retrieve some very basic region data and some more detailed information about the simulator as a whole. It is always active.

Each region will register a URL handler with a random UUID. There will also be a handler that will return data for the simulator as a whole. These UUIDs will be different on each restart of the simulator but are stored in the regionSecret field of the regions table. However, this is not useful for standalone simulators since they do not persist this table.

So a two region simulator will have three handlers, one for each simulator and one for the simulator as a whole.

Sending a GET request to a handler will return data in JSON format.

You can see these handlers using the region console command

show http-handlers

In the last section you should see something like

* StreamHandlers (7):

Here, F27ED466A0D311F8A7B1F309F942437F3302D455, 493F5C64F8AF200E63C9A33EA92BD393D9232A61 and 1B71AB5959171C2308F429E8F397F0390ADEF94D are XSimStatus handlers. Unfortunately, it's not possible to tell which are which except by pointing your browser at them. Let's suppose you are running a standalone on with an HTTP listener port of 9000. In this case, going to


"Version":"OpenSimulator 0.7.3 Dev          "

This is data for a particular region. In the OSStatsURI field it does give the statistics handler for the simulator as a whole. Sending a get request to returns

"Version":"OpenSimulator 0.7.3 Dev          013bf27"

Unfortunately, the simulator stats here are only for one region. In a multi-region simulator which one this is is not defined and will change depending on exactly when the URL is called. Also, the top 6 statistics (AssetsInCache to InventoryServiceRetrievalFailures) are not currently in use.

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