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Back to [[LSL Status]]
Back to [[LSL Status]]
= See Also =
= See Also =

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Technical Reference -> Terms -> LSL Status -> LSL Event Status Page

What is the current LSL Event Status?


Table Key

Not Implemented
Ready for Testing
Partially Implemented
Fully Implemented

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LSL Events Status

33 Events listed, 14 left to implement, 0 deprecated (r7035)

Event Done Developer Tester Notes
at_target Part
attach Part
changed Part Teravus Currently prim do not change regions, change drop, or change teleport
collision Yes Mircea Kitsune
collision_end Yes Mircea Kitsune
collision_start Yes Mircea Kitsune
control Yes
dataserver Yes John Bomhold as of 8730
email Yes
http_response Part jimbo21  ??
listen Yes
money Since the implementation of a currency is not part of the OpenSim project, the money event should allow for either in-world or off-world payments. For in-world payments, the event should be triggered when a resident has paid an amount. For off-world payments, it should signify that a resident wants to buy an item or pay an amount rather than the completion of a payment. The actual payment should then be initiated either through a plugin or an external process (e.g. via a website). Therefore, the money event needs an optional third parameter that specifies if the payment was internal or external. Alternatively, an additional event could be created (e.g. 'payment_request') for external payments. See Money for details - Ezekiel.
no_sensor Yes Mircea Kitsune
on_rez Yes
remote_data Part jimbo21  ??
sensor Yes Mircea Kitsune
state_entry Yes
state_exit Yes Maike Short
touch No
touch_start Yes
touch_end Yes Mircea Kitsune

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