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Source Code Repository Access

OpenSimulator uses git as its source code repository. Checkout

git clone git://

See Source Code Repository for more details.

See Using_Git for more Details on installing and using GIT with

You can also browse the source code for OpenSim using a web browser.

Submitting Patches

Please review Submitting_code_to_OpenSim

Developer Documentation

Please be aware that some of this documentation may be out of date.




Client Stacks

  • Sim Throttles — Information on how OpenSim handles throttling of packets to the client.


  • Database Documentation — Information on the database schemas used in OpenSim
  • MonoSqlite — How the database model currently works.
  • LSL:PrimitiveParams — Notes on converting SL Edit GUI values and LSL PrimitiveParams to OpenSim PrimitiveBaseShape fields

File formats


Web Integration








  • Scripting_Documentation — How to use scripts and what limitations apply.
  • LSL_Status — A list of LSL-functions that are available in OpenSim.
  • OSSL — Some information about the OpenSimulator Scripting Language, and how to implement an OSSL function
  • OpenSim.Region.ScriptEngine — How the ScriptEngine looks internally.



Feature Proposals

Proposed projects


A good first point of contact is the OpenSim IRC, on channels #opensim / #opensim-dev. The OpenSim developers hold office hours once a week in-world on Tuesdays at "Wright Plaza" on OSGrid. There is a "Test Hour" on Saturdays, also generally on "Wright Plaza". Both these weekly events are held at 1900UTC in summer time and 2000UTC in winter. Check on the #opensim IRC channel on Freenode just before each of these events if there is any confusion.

There is also a mailman email distribution list available at

Recent Git Commits

... osSetLinkStandTarget (UbitUmarov) (Sat, 25 Jan 2020 07:51:36 -0800)
... osSetLinkStandTarget UbitUmarov <ajlduarte at sapo dot pt> .../Shared/Api/Implementation/OSSL_Api.cs
forgot again sintaxe (UbitUmarov) (Sat, 25 Jan 2020 07:32:03 -0800)
forgot again sintaxe UbitUmarov <ajlduarte at sapo dot pt> bin/ScriptSyntax.xml
why not also osGetLinkStandTarget (UbitUmarov) (Sat, 25 Jan 2020 07:29:59 -0800)
why not also osGetLinkStandTarget UbitUmarov <ajlduarte at sapo dot pt> OpenSim/Region/Framework/Scenes/ScenePresence.cs
update sintaxe (UbitUmarov) (Sat, 25 Jan 2020 06:26:00 -0800)
update sintaxe UbitUmarov <ajlduarte at sapo dot pt> bin/ScriptSyntax.xml
add osGetLinkSitActiveRange (UbitUmarov) (Sat, 25 Jan 2020 06:24:53 -0800)
add osGetLinkSitActiveRange UbitUmarov <ajlduarte at sapo dot pt> .../Shared/Api/Implementation/OSSL_Api.cs

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