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A teleport is the transfer of a user's connection (represented in-world by their avatar) from one location to another. These locations can be

  • Within the same region.
  • Between different regions on the same simulator.
  • Between different simulators on the same network within the same grid (e.g. a grid hosted on a single network).
  • Between different networks within the same grid (e.g. between simulators hosted on OSGrid).
  • Between different networks on different grids (i.e. Hypergrid teleport).

In OpenSimulator 0.7.5 and for many releases previously, a teleport protocol called SIMULATION/0.1 was used. In OpenSimulator 0.7.6 and after, a teleport protocol called SIMULATION/0.2 is used by default. However, OpenSimulator can still use the SIMULATION/0.1 protocol required by older versions and will automatically inter-operate with them.

If you want to know an eye-watering amount of nitty-gritty about how this works, then please see the Teleport Protocol page.


Normally, no configuration is required. However, from OpenSimulator 0.7.6 onwards, one can force the simulator to always use the older SIMULATION/0.1 protocol to send an avatar to another simulator, receive an avatar from another simulator or both.

Using SIMULATION/0.1 to send an avatar to another region

The protocol version used for outgoing teleports is controlled by the MaxOutgoingTransferVersion attribute in the [EntityTransfer] section of OpenSim.ini. Specifying

MaxOutgoingTransferVersion = "SIMULATION/0.1" 

here will make the simulator use this earlier protocol for outgoing teleports even if the destination has SIMULATION/0.2 available (all such simulators should also have SIMULATION/0.1 available). See OpenSimDefaults.ini for more details.

Using SIMULATION/0.1 to receive an avatar from another region

In this case, one needs to use the ConnectorProtocolVersion in the [SimulationService] section of StandaloneCommon.ini or GridCommon.ini as appropriate. For example

ConnectorProtocolVersion = "SIMULATION/0.1"


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