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Branches and Tags in the Git Repo

OpenSimulator uses Git for its source code repository. The repository contains various branches and tags used to identify development branches and release branches of the code. The primary git repository is hosted on the domain. A mirror is maintained on Github. The Github repo is sync'ed with the primary every 10 minutes.

Git Repos

Repositories in the Primary Git

  • opensim - the OpenSimulator source code
  • opensim-libs - forks of third party libraries used in building OpenSimulator

This page outlines the repository branches and tags; what they are for, and our policy for what goes into it.

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The master branch holds bleeding edge OpenSimulator development.

OpenSimulator Master Branch Policies

  • Master is not guaranteed to function. It might be in the middle of a transition, or undergoing a major overhaul.
  • Master should always build
  • All tests should run green on trunk
  • Code should have been reasonably tested

Browse the master branch

New major Releases

A new release is created for main master code.

  • A tag with the full release version is added. (example
  • A Branch named as the release number is created.
  • Master version is changed to at least the next minor number.

New minor Releases

Minor releases will contain small changes or fixes to previous release.
In many cases master branch does correspond to the required release in this case it is just like a new release
On occasions it may be required to only include selected commits or even unique special code, in this case:

  • change (checkout) to the branch of release to be fixed (or tag on main)
  • Increment its minor version number(s).
  • Create a new branch named as that version.
  • do the fixes
  • release

Release Candidates

Release candidates should be just snapshots of main code
except any special reason, they may have at most a TAG on it

Old procedure ( prior to 0.9x)

Old procedure used extra names like '-Release' and '-postfixes' after the version name.
All releases should have their own version number.
Lower digits of a version name are clear and enough identification for minor changes and bug fixes
Something like and was just redundant and confusing
Under new format this would be just and

Other Branches

Other branches mainly contain temporary development work, for example to develop new code without disturb current master

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Tags were originally used to trigger the automatic release build process. When it was time for a release, a <version>-release tag was applied to a branch, triggering the automated process that produced the release tarballs. For more details see Automated Release Building. Tags continue to be used to mark releases but may also be used for other purposes.

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