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Note: This page refers to work carried out for the Linden Lab led Open Grid Protocol. This has been abandoned now for many years and no implementations are active.

Grid Forge Hosted Agent Domain / Service

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The OGP project on the grid forge supplies a simple test implementation of an Agent Domain / Service following the OGP/VWRAP approach being explored by Linen Lab and a number of development partners. This page describes the project, and contains links to book keeping pages for community members working on and testing the approach.  The Agent Domain test code is supported by the latest Snowglobe client 

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Claimed X/Y locations of OGP test regions

The regions are X/Y locations and URLs to regions which are running OGP and available as test targets;

Publically hosted test Agent Domain / Services

The Hosted Domains are the URLs to Agent Domain / Services which are being used for testing. 


Notionaly, an agent domain or service provides a focal point for non region services in a virtual world. It acts as the login server, and the host for inventory, instant messaging, presence management and other services which are separate from the management of the world's virtual space. 

The Grid Forge implementation of the agent domain provides an early snapshot of this work in progress as an aid to understanding the implications of design choices in the problem space. A simple login, teleport, inventory focusing and asset sharing approach is implemented. This code is supported by the snowglobe client, in OGP mode. The asset and inventory services are not implemented on Linden Lab's main grid, only on OpenSimulator servers running the appropriate code. 

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