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This appliance is unofficial and is in no way connected with the OpenSimulator Development team,
no one will be held responsible for any damages that may occur through the use of this appliance.

If there are currently no seeders, please try again in a few hours.

First Edition

Built against Ubuntu Server 7.10. Contains and runs the 0.5 OpenSimulator release by default, also contains SVN version with easy update script. Sim is standalone and uses SQLite as a database and ODE for physics.

On first run the sim will need to be configured, simply log in and the Console should appear.

Torrent - Readme can be found here, aswell as inside the torrent.

FreeBSD Edition

Coming soon..

Future Editions

To Do

  • More user friendly, reliable.
  • Fix init script to function as originally intended. (Add proper shutting down)
  • Add first boot configuration for OpenSim, a nice menu interface would be nice, maybe let the user edit config by hand after for tweaking.
    • Give option of running attached to a grid.
    • Give option of using MySQL.
  • Add SVN update script as a cronjob, need to check that an in place update wont go awry, and also a fallback in case the current SVN fails.
  • Some way to update the appliance when major changes are made.
  • Trim size down a bit, remove uneeded stuff, eg. XOrg was installed as a dependency for Mono when it is clearly not needed.
  • FreeBSD Edition ( Devalnor Work Notes)
  • Run Mono in Jail mode for more security

Ideas / Requests

  • Feel free to add stuff here
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