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"Sensors are fairly expensive and inefficient as unless you specify a scan with a given key, they must do a linear search of all of the specified entity types in the scene (region). In other words, if you ask for avatars in an area, it must test all avatars in the region, or if you ask for objects it must test all of the objects. These searches also require exclusive access to the region entities, so only one can happen at a time and anything else that needs access must wait (physics, avatar movement, etc.). Therefore adding many sensors doing frequent scans will eventually degrade sim performance and could have a cascading effect. I'm not aware of any numeric limit; it would depend on how many objects and avatars are in the region and how powerful the machine is the sim is running on and how busy it is doing other things. I'd think testing this would be difficult as you may run into a situation where it appears to work fine when you are building/testing but then performs poorly or even fails when there are many avatars in the region. Lacking any known limit but with these concepts in mind, I guess you'll just have to try adding as many as you need and see when something breaks. Keep in mind that specifying a scan with a key or using llGetObjectDetails with a known key is likely far more efficient than doing arbitrary scans." —Dahlia Trimble (

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