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Targeting the 0.4 release

From AdamZaius on the dev mailing list:

For the 0.4 target - we are going to be aiming at having a good quality 'offline sandbox', perhaps with some import/export functionality built in. Specifically the things that have been discussed have been:

End User Focused Features

  • Focus on sandbox mode, leave grid mode 'as is' until 0.5 and mark it unsupported.
  • Easier to configure & run simulators - GUI configuration and management tools need to be written. Cross-platform WinForms was discussed (while also having a CLI option)
  • An Installer for windows users (an OSX one would be good too, but someone needs to volunteer to maintain it) (I could prepare a .dmg (disk image) with OpenSimulator on it if required - Idoru 14:09, 6 August 2007 (PDT))
  • A client launcher application - a quick tool which launches the client with the appropriate login URI parameters (seperate from the sim)
  • Up-to-Date Documentation

Sim Features

  • Collision detection with prims in BasicPhysics mode
  • Proper save/restore functionality with local storage
  • Inventory (even if sandbox confined)


  • Store read/write data files in %APPLICATION_DATA% on Windows, to be compatible with limited users in Vista and XP (and ~/.opensim on Linux / Mac).
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