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About idoru

  • I'm a Computing Science graduate.
  • I work for a company that produces networking equipment.
  • I know a bunch of programming languages.
  • I've made a bunch of websites.
  • I play Second Life on Mac and Windows.
  • I run OpenSim on Debian GNU/Linux.
  • I play guitar in a band. I play live in Second Life occasionally.

Contacting me

My IRC nick is 'idoru' on #opensim and #opensim-dev, on LL Second Life I'm 'idoru Ng' and on deepgrid I am 'idoru Beta'.

My Sims

I run 16 sims - idoru1 to 16 on deepgrid.

What I'm doing to help with OpenSim

I'm helping to rebuild the wiki. I'm building from SVN on Linux most days. I'm trying to help out with testing too, when I get a chance.

Why I'm interested in OpenSim

I want to be able to run my own Sim without paying hundreds or thousands of pounds to do so. Participating in OpenSim means I have an opportunity to help the effort to allow people to do that. I also think that having an Open Source server means that we can control both sides of the equation (client and server) and we'll be free to do a lot more with this technology.

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