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Creating a custom library

  • Download the blender texture cd (as an example)
  • Prepare your imagefiles. You can use the jp2 batch converter(linux only for now) to batch-process a big texture-library
  • Copy the jp2 files(including directory-structures) into the /opt/opensim/library directory
  • Create the appropriate xml storage files using the Asset Generator script
  • Edit the opensim inventory library reference file
nano /opt/opensim/production/bin/inventory/Libraries.xml
  • Add the inventory reference
<Section Name="OpenSimulator Custom Library">
 <Key Name="foldersFile" Value="MyCoolOpenSimLibrary/3DDCInventoryFolders.xml"/>
 <Key Name="itemsFile" Value="MyCoolOpenSimLibrary/3DDCInventoryItems.xml"/>
  • Edit the opensim assets library reference file
nano /opt/opensim/production/bin/assets/AssetSets.xml
  • Add the asset reference
<Section Name="OpenSimulator Custom Asset Set">
 <Key Name="file" Value="MyCoolOpenSimAssetSet/3DDCAssetSet.xml"/>
  • Restart OpenSimulator
  • Check out if the textures are rendered correctly in the viewer
  • More background information (in horrible mailing list form) [1]

Free Assets

  • Free Assets - Free items, textures, heightmaps and scripts.


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