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The jp2 files used by the Secondlife client, are actually j2k files. These can be encoded by image_to_j2k from openjpeg. The script identifies the image-resolution, and converts the image to a valid SL-resolution/aspect ratio. Subsequently it checks for jpg-files, and converts them to valid openjpeg input files if necessary. Valid openjpeg files are then converted to j2k fileformat, by image_to_j2k. At last the j2k file is renamed to jp2, and can be used as an secondlife texture. Use to generate an asset-set out of these files.


#!/usr/bin/perl -s -U
# OpenSimulator jp2 texture preparation script
# Converts jpg/jpeg/bmp/tga files to valid jp2(jk2) files for SL
# Author: Phrearch
# Credits: Tedd1
sub ScanDirectory{
  my ($workdir) = @_;
  local (@names);
opendir(DIR, $workdir) or die "Unable to open $workdir:$!\n";
@names = readdir(DIR) or die "Unable to read $workdir:$!\n";
	foreach my $tmpName (@names){
	my $name = $workdir."/".$tmpName;
		#\. or \.. in directory
		if ($tmpName =~ /^\.\.?$/){
		if (-d $name){
		print "Entering directory $name\n";
		#jpg or jpeg
		if ($name =~ /^(.*)\.(jpe?g|bmp|tga|tif|raw)$/){
		$rawname = $1;
		$ext = lc($2);
		print "\nProcessing $name...";
sub Convert{
my ($rawname, $ext) = @_;
my @imageid = split(/ /,`identify $rawname.$ext`); 
my @imageXY = split('x',@imageid[2]);
my $imageX = pop(@imageXY);
my $imageY = pop(@imageXY);
my $optX;
my $optY;
my $ar;
my $optar;
	#landscape or square, search for optimal X
	if ($imageX >= $imageY){
	$ar = sprintf("%.4f",$imageY / $imageX);
	$optar = &supportedAR($ar);
	$optX = &supportedXY($imageX);
	$optY = $optX * $optar;
		#both aspectratio and resolution are correct
		unless(($imageX==$optRes) && ($ar==$optar)) {
		print "\nResizing ($imageX\xx$imageY => $optY\xx$optX)...";
		system(`convert -resize ${optX}x${optY}! $rawname.$ext $rawname.$ext &>/dev/null`);
		print "Done";
	#portrait, search for optimal Y
	else {
	$ar = sprintf("%.4f",$imageX / $imageY);
	$optar = &supportedAR($ar);
	$optY = &supportedXY($imageY);
	$optX = $optY * $optar;
		#Needs conversion
		unless(($imageY==$optRes) && ($ar==$optar)) {
		print "\nResizing ($imageX\xx$imageY => $optX\xx$optY)...";
		system("convert -resize ${optX}x${optY}! $rawname.$ext $rawname.$ext &>/dev/null");
		print "Done";
	if (($ext eq "jpg") || ($ext eq "jpeg")){
	print "\nConverting jpg to valid openjpeg format...";
	system("convert -format tga $rawname.$ext $rawname.tga &>/dev/null");
	system("rm $rawname.$ext &>/dev/null");
	print "Done";
print "\nCreating jp2 file...";
system("image_to_j2k -i $rawname.$ext -o $rawname.j2k -r 20,10,1 &>/dev/null");
system("mv $rawname.j2k $rawname.jp2 &>/dev/null");
system("rm $rawname.$ext &>/dev/null");
print "Done\n";
sub supportedAR{
my ($ar) = @_;
my @arReference=(1.0,0.5,0.25,0.125,0.0625);
my $arOptimal;
my $arDivTemp=1.0;
my $arDiv;
	#Get optimal aspect ratio
	foreach (@arReference){
		if($arDiv < $arDivTemp) {
return $arOptimal;
sub supportedXY{
my ($res) = @_;
my @resReference=(64.0,128.0,256.0,512.0,1024.0);
my $resOptimal;
my $resDivTemp=4096.0;
my $resDiv;
	#Get optimal axis resolution
	foreach (@resReference){
		if($resDiv < $resDivTemp) {
return $resOptimal;
if ( @ARGV > 0 ){
print "Processing ".@ARGV[0]."...\n";
print "\nDirectories scanned:$dirs\nFiles processed:$files\n" ;
else {
print "Provide a directory to process...\n";


  • Install OpenJPEG svn (if you have trouble compiling, you could try the binaries on their site)
svn co
cd trunk
mkdir bin
cd bin
make install
  • Make sure that the binaries image_to_j2k and j2k_to_image can be executed from anywhere

Add /usr/local/bin to /etc/profile for a permanent path.

  • Put the code in a file named, and copy it to the /opt/opensim/scripts directory. The script uses a directory as parameter:
perl "/some directory/with/images"
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