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Issues with building in OpenSim

Single prim issues

  • Prims rezzed from inventory appear with the root prim's center at the raycast point, halfway underground
  • There is a Rotation Error of .33 degrees which becomes more & more noticable with Larger Prims, this is a Viewer Mathematics issue.
  • Selecting multiple prims in a linkset and rotating them rotates them in place instead of rotating them around the geometric center of the selection

Linkset issues

  • Link set members often and unpredictably cannot be edited
  • Linksets often become unusable after adding prims and need to be drag-copied to restore them to working order
  • Unable to change many object properties of a child prim in a Linkset (e.g. path cut, hollow, twist, taper, top shear).
  • Shift-Copy & Ctrl-Z will not return object to original position if moved greater than 2 metres distance.
  • Ctrl-Z changes rotation values.

Quirks and differences to SL

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