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OpenSimulator - Português - Lista de Grids

AVISO: Esta página é uma tradução da original em inglês e pode não estar atualizada. A original em inglês pode ser encontrada aqui


At the moment there are a number of sims which we try to keep up 24x7, minus the upgrade times, etc. Remember - there are no guarantee at the moment on the backups of the inventories, landscape, etc. So, treat this as you would treat the beta grid at most. In order to login with opensim-links, you will need to add a protocol handler to your browser. Otherwise you could simply create a custom shortcut with the right parameters to your Second Life browser.

Public grids

IMPORTANT NOTE:The OpenSimulator Project is an Application Platform that can be used by anyone. It is not responsible for any grid listed on this page, nor for any grid's content or activities within them. See our Grid Policy for more details...

Public grids require you to create an account on their website, which you can then use to log into the grid. These grids are listed in the order of their appearance with DeepGrid the oldest, beginning operations in 6/07, then OSGrid in 7/07 & Openlife 10/07 followed by several others. DeepGrid, OSGrid and one or two others encourage folks to connect their regions to the grid and there is no charge for helping us build world-wide public grids.

Name Website Login URI Wiki/Forum Approx # Regions Approx # Users Logins/day
DeepGrid opensim:// 521 1798 *

Sims are all owned by individuals, companies, universities and are connected at no charge. [except the plazas, which are community regions]

GridServer and plazas are updated to the latest svn each morning and represent the latest each day at about 1500UTC or 8AM California time.
"Office Hour" on Tuesdays at 1900UTC on Wright Plaza
"Test Hour" on Saturdays at 1900UTC on Wright Plaza
253 2600 400 avg.
1200 peak
OpenlifeGrid opensim:// Forums
LiveChatRooms Talk to others, get help
Opensim Downloads
208 20,500+ 2k+
Grid Server Rentals for any Grid Available
-loginuri Forums
Register your avatar
363 1430 *
Francogrid opensim:// Home
Register your avatar
83 +/- 300 *
ChineseGrid opensim:// Home
Register your avatar
~10 +/- 100 *
ArtiskaGrid opensim:// Home
Register your avatar
14 +/- 100 *
German and European Grid

Erste Deutsche und Europäische Grid.
This is the first german and European Grid.
opensim:// Home
Community Forum (german/english)
Support german/english
17 127 ~106
GiantGrid opensim:// Forums
Forum for gridowners
~30 +/- 30 *
Apex-Grid opensim:// Register
Terms of Service
16 100 ~150
The New World Grid opensim:// Home
Community Forums
~24 200+ *
3rd Rock Grid opensim:// [1]Coming Soon! 36 +/- 35 *
Adult Metaverse

Adults Only (18+) Grid - If you desire a place to chill and conduct your mature "LEGAL" and "RESPECTFUL" actions.
-loginuri Home
IRC Support
#adultmetaverse #oschat
9 +/- 20 * 25
Get your own Avatar (uVATAR) identity today and join a world beyond typical social networks. Own your own land and build your home!
-loginuri Home
6 +/- 25 * 10
Grid Splash -loginuri Home
12 +/- 10 *
The first Portuguese Grid. Get your own Avatar identity today and join a world made by you and others like you. Have your your own land or join your island(s) to the grid!
-loginuri Home
16 +/- 35 ~15
Italian Opensim Grid
The first Italian Grid. add your avatar or join your island(s) to the grid
La Prima Grid Opensim collaborativa italiana, registra il tuo avatar o Aggiungi la Tua sim, grid totalmente creata e autogesti dagli utenti
-loginuri Social Net
16 +/- 35 ~15

To make OpenSim grids and locations known to a wider audience, they may be listed at

Office Hour

Each week on Tuesday, OSGrid hosts an official Office Hour where the OpenSim developers meet and discuss the weeks software development activities. This is a good place to get to know what is going on with OpenSim.

Grid Region Time
OSGrid Wright Plaza Tuesday 1900UTC
EU-Grid EU-Grid Central Hub Sat 15:00 to 19:00 MET

Grid Test Hours

Both OSGrid & Openlife Grids provide valuable testing information for the project, each run a special 'test' hour to test capabilities of the platform (OSGrid linux & windows - OpenlifeGrid SVR2003). These are run at the same time every week. It may also be a good chance to meet people who can answer questions you may have.

Grid Region Time
OSGrid Wright Plaza Sat 1900UTC
Apex Grid Spaceport 2 Sat 1800 UTC
OpenlifeGrid Welcome to Openlife Sun 900UTC
FrancoGrid Orion Everydays 2100GMT+1

Standalone sims

Standalone sims have "generic" logins being from "Testa User" .. "Testz User", with password "test".

Name Login URI Maintainer/Site
Ruth (Zion) opensim:// Dalien Talbot (dalien on IRC, or via blog -
CyberSpacia opensim:// Spun Pty Ltd (
janoz opensim:// (
Metropolis opensim:// German Site - - 24/7 available
Opengrid opensim:// French grid - - 9 regions - 24/7 available
+100 avatars - Nice terraforming
Phrearch opensim:// Phrearch:
Timecatcher Haven Lands( Not online 24/7) opensim:// Timecatcher: (
Europeansim Edenrealm( working towards 24/7) opensim:// Europeansim: ( Create an avatar here Blog-
NEBADON2025 MiniGrid -loginuri Create an avatar here Forums-


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