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Text from SIMCORE - Ideia Boa is not responsable for the next line

| do to talentRaspel what he himself did =)

Change on Grid Information

Hej fly-man Why is the infornation about my grid changed? I agree that that presentation is better now, but why have you sencured my information, about OpenSimPT-grid?

Ideia Boa

  • It's not changed, if you click on the link that your grid has, you will see that everything that was there was copied. - Fly-man-
    • If you see the information about the sites was changed, and the the hours and the office hours. - Ideia Boa
      • I grabbed all the info from the table, if there's anything not there anymore feel free to add it - Fly-man-
        • OK, I'll complet the information latter, tk
    Good work, you have my support

The idea is to have the ex-grid-name in the sub list entry. Not meant personally but if we start allowing for any other entries than plain name/numbers in the main grid list everybody will start putting in any kind of information soon (as e.g. simcore actually does). This is the reason why I try to enforce the standard at the moment. If the website owner has another policy he should tell. Sorry for not asking before but I at least checked that the ex-grid-name IS present in the sub list entry. - Talentraspel

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