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This is a page to keep track of updates we want to do on the wiki.

For users:

  • Integrate duplicated pages or small fragment pages into one page to reduce the amount of following work.
  • Improve the quality, and readability of articles. Start articles with simple explanations, more in-depth explanations should be left at the bottom of the article.
  • Put the tag (ex. {{obsolete}}, {{delete}}) to tell other users and sysops that there is some task on the page. See WikiStructure how to do that.
  • Hide the spam pages by creating redirect to Trash Bin before sysops finding and deleting them. Or if you don't know how to do that, simply blanking the page also works. What is important is to avoid the visitor of this wiki from reading the contents on the spam page (and clicking their links) as quick as possible, not to tell or cry to sysops about their existence. We sysops will anyway find them from the changing history.
  • Categorize as many pages as possible. (see Special:UncategorizedPages)
  • De-orphan the orphaned pages. But avoid creating the stub page only for de-orphaning, since it will make no sense.

For sysops:

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