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Hi Everyone. Joe Builder here with a Great trick if you're using Megas in your grid. After spending hours trying to figure out a glitch. I contacted One that would Know the answer. Snoopy Pfeffer, Owner of Dreamland Metaverse and an opensim core developer told me this.

You really need to leave it as a mega region.

In mega regions all objects are linked to the South West corner. If you would unlink the regions, some objects would have co-ordinates that are not in the region boundaries anymore. As a consequence they would be returned by that "delete object outside" command. But when you leave it a mega region, all or most objects will be within the boundaries of that mega region and they do not get returned.

So you need to be careful with that command while you have an unlinked mega region, because usually this means that many objects are outside of region boundaries. That is no problem unless you use that command that check if an object is within region boundaries.

The Question that had me sytmied was this. In a Mega Region, if an object goes offsim, how do I delete it without going into the database spending hours of deletion time. I saw one Object that has no info on it, No creator, No owner, I couldn't delete it, or take it. it's not in the SW corner region but in one of the 16 sims comprising my Megaregion. So I needed to find the answer. Was there a command in the console to remove objects Outside a Megaregion.

Snoopy to the Rescue :)

You use the Console Command. "delete object outside' Snoopy added that command to the OpenSim last year (2012) Worked like a charm.

Thanks Snoopy. And for all those of you using a Megaregion. I Hope this helps if you happen to find something has gone off sim.

Joe Builder. Come on over to Lost world.

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