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Welcome to the OpenSimulator Space of dz

I am generally involved in running OpenSim instances for fun, but I have been induced to try it for profit and the pursuit of scholarly credits.

I am an incessant lurker...It took me 2 years to add these 3 lines to my profile here.

I monitor the following OpenSimulator mailing-lists Opensim-Users, OpenSim-devs, libomv-dev. I can also be found lurking in the SL opensim group chat.

I have been administering Linux based OpenSim servers since release 6.1, mostly on Ubuntu. I have active avatars on OSGrid, ScienceSim, Inworldz, and that "SL" place.

NPC Utilities

User:Dz/NPC Scripts Has the Latest NPC utilities

Animation overrides

User:Dz/AO Has the Latest Animation Overrides designed for OpenSimulator

Avatar Proportion Scale

User:Dz/Avatar Scale A simple scale to help you create more realistic avatar shapes

Media On a Prim Sim Statistics Board

User:Dz/SimStats A MOAP HTML hack to display Sim Statistics.

Media On a Prim Shoutcast Board

User:Dz/ShoutCast A note card controlled ShoutCast board using MOAP to display stream info.

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