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Install FreeBSD on VMWARE

VMWARE based :

Change default language for the console (it's optional default config is ok):

      1. Edit /root/.login.conf
      2. Add the lines
         :lang=de_DE.ISO8859-1: (example given for German)

Change keyboard for the console:

   Run sysinstall, then Configure> Console


   Run sysinstall, then Configure> Networking> Interfaces> lnc0. Let it DHCP probe for an address.
   Set hostname="localhost" in /etc/rc.conf

Setup SSH

   Set sshd_enabled="YES"
   Edit /etc/sshd/sshd_config
   Set PermitRootLogin yes (Yes I know it's bad... but at this time using OpenSim is also unsecure too ;-)

Apply software updates (notes there is not port collection installed)

   For core software (i.e. not in FreeBSD ports), run freebsd-update fetch && freebsd-update install
   For software installed from FreeBSD ports, look at the portupgrade tool (see pkg_info portupgrade)

Install Usefull Utils

   pkg_add -r wget
   pkg_add -r python

Install Subversion

   pkg_add -r subversion

Install Mono

   pkg_add -r mono

Install nant

   pkg_add -r nant

Install sqlite3

   pkg_add -r sqlite3

Install libgdiplus

   pkg_add -r libgdiplus

Reload the $path for /usr/local/bin

   csh (Reload the $path for /usr/local/bin)

Create the install dir

   cd /usr/local
   mkdir opensim 

Download the SVN Trunk

   svn co trunk

Warning: Instructions for libsl are outdated, see updated ones on FAQ section about libopenjpeg-mono

#Download LibSL
   # svn co svn:// libsl
#Install gmake, compile and copy
   pkg_add -r gmake
   # gmake
   # cp /usr/local/opensim/libsl/openjpeg-libsl/ /usr/local/opensim/trunk/bin/

Install ODE

   svn co opensim-libs
   cd opensim-libs/unmanaged/OpenDynamicsEngine/
   ./configure --enable-soname  (Devalnor : --enabled-shared do not exist)
   cd /ode/src
   mv ./ /usr/local/opensim/trunk/bin/

Run Prebuild

   cd /usr/loca/opensim/trunk

Run Nant


Run Opensim

  cd /usr/local/opensim/trunk/bin
  mono OpenSim.exe

Install OpenSim in Jail

Because OpenSim is a Alpha project naturally it's unsecure to use it in production environment. For region owner in grid mode (Like OSGrid, Francogrid and others) the jail solution (or chroot) is needed to secure the base system.

This a draft : how to install OpenSim on FreeBSD in a jail service.

First make sure that you have all the sources in /usr/src use sysintall to download it or SVN.

setenv D /usr/jail/opensim
mkdir -p $D
cd /usr/src
make world DESTDIR=$D (will take time... take a coffee... watch a movie or call your girlfriend... take a coffee again... and it's done)
cd etc/
make distribution DESTDIR=$D
mount_devfs devfs $D/dev

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