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meaningless noise

Yello! this is a little page for me and my dog, - (formerly known as - but since I got tired of waiting for timeout after typing "" - I figured it might be a good idea to grab a domain and fix this little problem in the most human-friendly way.

nightly builds

This server runs nightly (or, rather early-morningly :) builds from the svn checkout - at

The build log always shows what is the situation with the checkout as of ~6:30am CET (GMT+1) every day - you can see if it broke, and download the latest successful build. You can read up more on various download options at Downloads page.

'maintenance' scripts

There are a few scripts which you might find useful -

The archive contains a horribly hacked together bunch of small shell scripts which run on, as well as the scripts to backup and autoupdate the running sim.

various nonworking hacks (aka 'proofs of concepts')

attachment prototype is now in trunk. Enjoy..


I sometimes write stuff at - Most of it pure noise just to contribute to the mission of the blog, but sometimes I manage to cook something reasonable.

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