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For More Info On ClarkZone.

Please Vist the website. 


        -- Fast Info  --

ClarkZone Is a Small Home Online Service. Runing Websites For People For Next to Nothing. Websites Just like ClarkZone Main Site. Web Forum, private messings, Making News letter abiltys. And Much More. ClarkZone Is Also Fallowing The OpenSim Project. ClarkZone Main Goal Fallowing it is to have a small grid for friends and there friends to play freely and have a place to go when Linden Labs Grid Acts up or is offline for maintance. Not allot of people like going to there beta grid wich of late isnt all fun. ClarkZone Is on The OpenSim Project's butt trying to stay more up to date then we seen others like DeepGrid. Although we may not yet provide the things they have such as runing A sim from there computer to ClarkZone's Grid. ClarkZone Is waiting till Grid mode is more supported and stable.

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