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About Me

An engineer with with 20 years experience pushing paper in the aerospace industry.

I have interests in LaTeX for documentation and highly reliable software.

Currently based in Phoenix, AZ (MST, GMT - 7)

You can contact me at brentseidel at mac dot com

Virtual World

Second Life

I'm known as Brent Sandalwood in Second Life. I'm not on that often, but feel free to say "Hi" if you run into me.


I'm know as Brent Seidel on OSGrid. I show up there once in a while. Again feel free to say "Hi".


I'm running OpenSim at home to tinker around with. If you run into me here, we'd better have a chat ;-) My configuration currently is:

  • server
    • 8 core Xeon with 8Gig RAM
    • CentOS 5.2
    • mono version 2.4
    • OpenSim SVN version 9479 (subject to change without notice)
  • clients
    • Various Macs
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