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About Me

  • 27 years old
  • Male
  • From Maryland, USA
  • Software Engineer / Information Security Engineer
  • Wide array of interests spanning most software development domains
  • Focussed knowledge in GNU/Linux, Gstreamer, GTK+, Java, C#, and TCP/IP networking and protocols
  • Working in application security testing as a day job
  • Have worked in a software engineering company for smartphones


  • IRC (freenode): allquixotic
  • Email: smcnam. Oh, you were wondering what domain I'm at, too, weren't you? Well, you'd have be a pretty smart spambot to get this far! I use Google's e-mail service -- the shortened version of "googlemail".
  • Yahoo: Same as IRC
  • Google Talk/Jabber: Same as Email
  • Secondlife (Agni) and OSgrid: Tiyuk Quellmalz


Why am I interested in OpenSim? Because it's very hackable, being a high-level language with automatic memory management and objects, and written in a very modular way; and because I run a bunch of sims on OSgrid that I want to help flourish. Turns out we could really use certain features to get our sims working well, so I'm willing to put in the effort.

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