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This template is to be used as follows (copy and paste the following into a new page):

Property Description Required
function_syntax syntax in LSL Yes
csharp_syntax syntax in C# No
description definitions or descriptions Yes
threat_level Threat level   (Use ignored for functions that do not check threat level) No
permissions who may use this OSSL function   (Use true for a function that is available to everyone) No
delay any penalty (delay in seconds) for using this function No
ossl_example sample codes No
additional_info notes, hints or so No

You can find some infomation about OSSL functions within IOSSL_Api.cs or OSSL_Api.cs. If you unsure what to fill in, feel free to leave it empty and wait for experts shown up:)

If you have added some additional common facilities like threat level, feel free to add it to this template.

Features of this template:

  • Includes the {{quicklinks}} template
  • Automatically adds the article to all the relevant categories
  • Displays a placeholder text when required information is missing, and adds the article to the relevant "missing" category/categories.

For deprecated functions, use Template:Osslfunc/Deprecated instead of this template.

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