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OSSL Proposal Table

osFunction Description Example Usage Signed Comment Commenter
int osShutdownRegion() Shuts down the region the script is currently in. The script this is run in has to be owned by the master avatar for that region. Returns 1 if the region is going down, 0 on failure. osShutdownRegion(); gryc OK, say this worked, how would one restart their region with out asking a grid admin? Not all master avatars will be running the region on their computer, say if the region was hosted by a service similar to opengrid. Nitrus Nori
void osAttachmentSay(integer channel, string msg) Provide a secure, low lag method of communicating between attachments over the chat channels by only sending messages to objects attached to the same avatar. Would fail (or not be heard) if in a non-attached object. osAttachmentSay(-20, "detatch"); Del M This would be neat, though to make this truly low lag, one should have the script on the receiving end have predetermined messages or events and this function could send a call ID to call that event. Nitrus Nori
integer osTeleport(string RegionName, int x, int y, int z); Teleports an avatar to a custom region Phrearch A vector would be more convential here, rather than 3 seperate numbers, like so: osTeleport(string RegionName, vector position); The reason that's conventional is because carrying around a value as several separate variables is rather hard to maintain. It's not a function that's likely to get called in a tight loop, so the speed loss of casting the 3 floats of a vector to int shouldn't be an issue. I should also note llMapDestination uses a vector also, and adds a second vector for look_at. eekee
integer osTeleport(string RegionName, int x, int y, int z); Teleports an avatar to a custom region Phrearch This function would really need to get the avatar's permission. Sending a blue dialog to the user may seem to be much the same as opening the map in the manner of llMapDestination, but it's not. The map is a very big window & conveys a lot of information, it can be very confusing to have the map pop up. The blue dialogs are rather less invasive. Are there any circumstances where permission would not be needed? eekee
string osMySQLQuery(string query); Used to get informations out of a sql database. Works together with osMySQLConnect(), osMySQLSelectDatabase() and osMySQLClose(). osMySQLQuery("Select name FROM user LIMIT 0,1;"); Peter I think that a better solution would be to have a dedicated database for storing data from this function, since people can access the default OpenSim database and steal data/destroy it. Pato Donald
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