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Is ImageService still working as described on this page?

I'm used to retrieving images using http://<server>:8003/assets/<Image UUID>/data (returns a JPEG2000 image) and was wondering if ImageService has been incorporated in the main trunk with that syntax, or if this relates to a different way of getting images out of OpenSimulator. I certainly cannot use the syntax described on this page to get anything returned from the servers.

Since none of the links on the original page work (as of 2020), specifically (see note on Related Software), and MetaverseInk is on 'zombie state' (it's still up, sure, but hardly does anything new), I wonder if anyone has an idea on what happened to this concept (e.g. moved to GitHub or similar repository), and could, therefore, update this page?


Gwyneth Llewelyn (talk) 03:08, 23 July 2020 (PDT)

Hi Gwyneth, if you need some kind of image service you can use my php rebuild of it. ( )

Example URL -->

You must install wget and ffmpeg to run this. On a Windows Server you must move the bin files from the bin folder to the same location like the index.php.

Chris Weymann

Hi Gwyneth, Chris

This Image Service work perfectly<texture_uuid>/data
It returns you a base64 blob file that you must then decode with ImageMagick or similare ...

Another working Image Service is "GetTexture"<texture_uuid>&format=png
It return to you an image in the format defined in the url (here png)

And for region image (only) you can use this working service<uuid-no-dash>
(Where 9000 is the region port et uuid-no-dash the region image uuid without dashs).

I hope that help a little :)


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