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I have tested freeswitch with opensim with various configurations, and I have come to the conclusion, that freeswitch will NOT, does NOT and can NOT work with opensim if running it behind a NAT firewall.

Freeswitch WILL attempt to detect a NAT firewall and adjust itself accordingly, no matter if IP address or DNS names are used, freeswitch when a NAT is detected WILL use the internal network IP address for it's server name.

I know, as I have tested it when using DNS names or IP addresses, after starting freeswitch, then starting opensim, and logging into a voice enabled region using Hippo with voice enabled, the freeswitch console, shows it can not authenticate against 192.168.xx.xx, which is an internal network IP address, that IP address is the only internal address shown on the console,,, all other addresses are either DNS names or IP address outside the network, which brings me back to my conclusion.

If you want to run freeswitch with opensim behind a NAT, then run them on localhost, which brings about another point,,,, what's the point of running opensim and freeswitch locally when there'll only be yourself on the region? So, if you want to have voice enabled regions connected to another grid, ie OSGrid, then freeswitch will ONLY work with a static IP address, and NO NAT.

So, basically, do not use Asterisk, or freeswitch with opensim unless you have a static IP, if you only have a dynamic IP, then I suggest getting a ViVox account and use that.

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