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According to the README in the Source distribution the valid parameters to "--with-libgdiplus=" are

<copy-paste README> --with-libgdiplus=installed,sibling,<path> </end copy-paste>

"--with-libgdiplus=yes" makes no more sense than the instructions previously linked to advising "--with-libgdiplus=no"

Include a paragraph about placing Mono-2.0.1 in /usr/local/bin

I'm thinking it would be a good idea to include instructions for using the command "./configure --prefix=/usr/local" so that this Mono installation gets put in /usr/local/bin so as not to disturb any pre-existing installations of Mono. Most common distros of Linux that have /usr/local/bin in $PATH will have it following /bin and /usr/bin so that software that requires/depends on Mono < 2.0.1 will still find the proper binary when using $PATH. Of course user needs to specify <path> when calling Mono-2.0.1 but seems a small point that is easily remedied. Not to mention the benefit of easily reverting OpenSim to using previous install of Mono by having it still available in /usr/bin

--PocoLoco 16:41, 20 January 2009 (UTC)

Naturally i didn't actually read the documentation about the libgdiplus parameters - I was basing that on the opposite of what now appears to be the incorrect original instruction - I propose that we change it to "installed" for the sake of accuracy, although it does seem to work anyway

With reg alternate mono - I suggest that we expand the page to cover all debian distros & mono configs ultimately making it a "deeper" debian experience - I think this page should become "Debian Build Instructions" then an general overview of which configs are supported or work best from our experience

Re: Include a paragraph about placing Mono-2.0.1 in /usr/local/bin

--with-libgdiplus=installed is the default setting. That's why I proposed to drop it completely. Why confuse anyone. If they are interested in the available parameters they will read the README :-P As for "other Debian" flavours or versions, I don't think anything previous to Etch has anywhere near the prerequisite packages available and even Etch must use backports to get OpenSim up and running. If Debian versions are going to get split to separate pages we might do a Deb_Etch and Deb_lenny. Apparently there are those that have gotten vanilla Etch serving OpenSim w/just the backports. I don't see any indication from OSgrid forums that the documentation is lacking here for Debian installs. Then again I don't see much indication that anyone reads this wiki b4 enquiry in the forums or irc 8^0 --PocoLoco 16:41, 20 January 2009 (UTC)

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