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1. Get and build the code

Much instruction on this is in the User Docs, basically it boils down to:

  • installing a recent version of mono
  • downloding the source code either as a tar.gz file, or by checking out the source code from the OpenSimulator subversion (SVN) repository, or by clone the OpenSimulator mercurial repository

2. Start programming

Ha ha, only joking (but seriously, you could just go and edit the code with vi or emacs or something, it's all in the OpenSimulator directory). However, we find that most people tend to like to use an IDE when writing OpenSimulator code. The best one on Linux is probably Monodevelop. You should be able to load the OpenSim.sln file sitting in the root OpenSimulator directory into this (this file was generated at the step, as described in the user instructions). See this wiki page for more details.

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