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admin_acl_remove remotely allows to remove a list of users from the access control list


Enabling admin_acl_remove

If not all functions are enabled, use admin_acl_remove to enable the function in the [RemoteAdmin] section

enabled_methods = admin_acl_remove,...


Required Parameters

These parameters are required

parameter Description Values
region_name Region name to add user, optionaly use region_id
users list of users names to be removed eg. "John Doe"

Optional Parameters

These parameters are optional and do not need to be set

parameter Description Values
region_id region uuid

Returned Parameters

Returned Parameters

These parameters are returned by Remote Admin

parameter Description Values
success true when successfull true, false
removed number count of removed users

Error messages




This example needs the RemoteAdmin PHP Class file available here.

// Including the RemoteAdmin PHP class.
// Instantiate the class with parameters identical to the Python example above
$myRemoteAdmin = new RemoteAdmin('', 9000, 'secret');
// Invoke admin_acl_remove (multiple parameters)
$parameters = array('region_name' => 'My Plaza', 'users' => 'John Doe');
$myRemoteAdmin->SendCommand('admin_acl_remove', $parameters);
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